Ascendant Virgo

Persons with ascendant Virgo have excellent selective perception

The diligent performance of their duty in the given situation.   

Strengthen of Rising Sign Virgo

Intellectual, studious, sophisticated, appreciative, observant, timid, adaptable, modest, orderly, reliable, assiduous and diligent

Weaknesses of Rising Sign Virgo

Petty-minded, pedantic, egoistic, diplomatic, scheming, discontented, undetermined, servile, stark and objective

Persons with ascendant Virgo have a talent for observation. They precisely perceive if there is a disruption in their environment – something goes to pieces or slips out of balance – they want to improve those unfortunate circumstances based on the fact that there is critically important to rectify the sources of conflict and unrest.

In addition to that Virgos confronts conflicts and any problems with a strong ability of pragmatism, interest, and flexibility. They are easy handling towards compromises and finds out solutions in complex and complicated situations. They avoid going on a collision course but works with outstanding diplomatic skill. They have the facility to accept and to adopt compromises. It is their particular part to maintain a respectful relationship.

Ascendant Virgo tries to avoid chaos. They are an orderly individual. Their particular strength is their good sense, good organization and unique sense of reality without losing control and she tries hard to find satisfactory compromises. They think hard about level headed solutions by analytical and structured thinking. About professional tendency, they are attempted to find professional fulfillment by using these particular attributes.

Relevant Descendent to Ascendant Virgo is the zodiac sign Pisces. So persons with ascendant Virgo will come to know to see behind the scene of obviousness – by the way, this will represent a significant revelation in their course of life.

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