Moon in Virgo born persons are most level-headed. Virgo prefers listening to their head instead of the heart. Hence on principle she is suspicious of her emotion. Decisions are made after general profound approval – with regard to profession and love matters.      

Spontaneous emotional outbursts are not regularly. Virgos seem to be found equable and in a calm state of mind. It is a seldom exception for Virgos to be or show themselves in an exuberant and wild way.    

Virgo feels particularly well when things go according to plan. She enjoys life when her life runs in orderly channels and there are no open questions to discuss. She likes have a detailed look at matters regarding society and social aspects. Virgo tends to give adequate advice and tries to makes herself useful concerning such matters. She is extremely cooperative but in case of love matters she needs time and [almost] all is a matter of trust and confidence.    

Virgo is still fond of analysing and having a look at diverse aspects of distinct matters, so spontaneous ideas and romance were often neglected by these ways.Virgo runs a household systematically – conditioned by her very proper way of thinking. Systematic processes are helpful to keep the household and other matters clean and tidy. 

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