About Tarot – its meaning and significance

About Tarot – its meaning and significance

The pack consists of 78 cards, 22 figures [major arcana] and 56 cards [small arcana]. Similar to a pack of cards: the numbers 1-10 represent kings, queens, knights and jacks.


In the past the cards were used as game of cards and since the 19th century they were used to tell someone’s fortune.


Oracles will not spell the future, but they can help to find out our way and how to come to know about sides of our personalities.

It helps and supports to find answers and solutions in daily life and concentrate important decisions.

Fortune telling using cards shows how to connect and recognize emotions, desires, wishes and concentration. Analysis of tarot cards, the literal and figurative sense penetrates our consciousness. 




In the course of time incurred various different and distinctive decks of tarot cards. The most famous decks are the Rider-Waite tarot and the Aleister Crowley Thoth tarot.

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