Monthly Horoscope Cancer May 2019

What are the stars for Cancer in May 2019 in love, work, and health?

What are the stars for Cancer in May 2019 in love, work, and health?

The sun and Mars will be alive and kicking

With sufficient strength and energy, Cancers will proceed forward quickly in May and will be able to achieve great things. Il will certainly not be difficult for them to practice a little understanding and consideration in love.

For vitality and well-being

The sun will still bein Taurus, until May 21st, and this will give way to a favorable sextile. Under these favorable influence of the sun, you will feel healthier and more vital than usual, more balanced, you will have better decision-making skill, you will behave appropriately in each situation and feel the need for discipline and self-assertion. The physical and mental condition will lead to harmonious relationships. During May 21st the sun will move to the neighbor Zodiac sign Gemini, thus forming a semi-sextile. The vital power of the sun may not be as strong as under the sextile, but this force of the sun will continue to be highly remarkable.

Energy Planet Mars will also stand in the neighboring Gemini until May 16th, forming a semi-sextile. You will also be completely satisfied with the energy provided by Mars. In May 15th Mars will then switch to its own Zodiac sign Cancer, and now it will be even better with all the power. There will be excellent opportunities now. You will feel the desire to be active and achieve something as fast as possible because Mars is always impatient. You will now feel willing and will feel completely fit with the capacity of being more active than usual. It will be imperative to keep control upon all energy in excess and learn to use it little by little, this will take you to brilliant achievements during this period.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, will stand in Sagittarius until December 2nd, forming a quincunx angle, a fundamental starting point towards new orientation. It will be a perfect time for further education, perhaps to do a professional course to become a specialist in one's own field. Jupiter will, in any case, bring favorable influxes later, since this planet appreciates idealism and is itself the supreme representative for it. Nonetheless, lucky circumstances will not be excluded, because Jupiter always likes to make what is industrious or helpful and lovable a pleasure.

From Saturn there is nothing new to report, it will form throughout the year 2019 an opposition to Cancer, and this will lead again and again do some disabilities or misfortunes.

Profession, money, and communication:

The communication planet Mercury will stand in three Zodiac signs during May and will, of course, emanate different qualities. The planet will hold in Aries until May 6th, forming a square, reason why mistakes, misunderstandings and even lies can be expected. After that, its effect improves because it will move to Taurus, establishing a favorable sextile. Communication will be positive again in job, finance, discussions or even intellectual work. On May 21st Mercury will then move to the neighboring sign Gemini, resulting in the continuation of the favorable period.

Love, happy moments and art:

The goddess of love and creativity will remain in the Zodiac sign Aries until May 15th, still forming a square, reason why love affairs may not always have the desired harmony. But with great understanding on both sides, these not so favorable conditions will lead anyway to remarkable experiences. The situation will improve after May 15th, since a promising period for love, art and all things beautiful will be at hand.


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