Monthly Horoscope March 2019

So the stars in March 2019 stand for love, work and health


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Monthly Horoscope March 2019

Saturn helps the Scorpios

In March, the Scorpios will have to work harder if they want to get ahead, but Saturn helps them and increases their resilience. In love and relationships, restraint is required, and one should pay attention to negative influences.

The Aquarius will enjoy pleasant moments of love in March.

This month Venus stands in its sign and pampers Aquarius with cheerfulness, sympathy, and love. Besides, Mars brings the Aquarians much energy, which should be restrained and appropriately used so that it does not turn into aggression.

Good luck and success

Will the Sagittarius enjoy at the beginning of this month. There is a conjunction between Sun and Jupiter that will bring good luck to the Sagittarius this month, and the goals will be achieved more easily. New opportunities will arise, even in love, with the aid of tact and sympathy.

It's time for changes

In March, Libras should think about improvements, alterations or even a reorientation. Also, Jupiter will provide much empathy and action in March, leading to progress in all respects if you use your powers effectively.

For the  Virgos, it looks good in March:

Concentration and focus help them to succeed; targeted action is in the foreground. Mars brings to it much courage and strength. As far as love is concerned, however, Virgos have to take back a little, since empathy and forgiveness determine the month of March.

Saving power is what the Leos must do

Leos should save their energies in March for essential things and take care. Strong energies act on them, but they must be restrained so that they do not degenerate into aggression. Reorientation and future planning succeed this month optimally.

Communication difficulties with Capricorns

Mercury is in decline this month, hampering Capricorns in their communication. It is good that the sun helps with its energy to promote projects, so everything can still come to delightful results.  Until 23rd March, nevertheless, caution is needed when concluding contracts and agreements.

Harmonious days are announced for Aries: they are more attracted to loved ones than ever and enjoy the time together. The sun in the Pisces sign and Aries tackle new things and change things positively.

Clarifying conversations in terms of love

Courage, joy in the risk and adventurousness determine the March in Cancers. Strong Martian forces help to assert and position themselves. Venus in Aquarius makes for clarifying discussions, possibly even something new is here.

Maybe March is the right time for further education

Jupiter in opposition makes for good spiritual achievements in Gemini.  A good time for love, friendship and marriage are also significant.

Where to go with all the motivation?

High performance and tackling leads to positive results for Tauruses and they will be rewarded. However, be careful with contracts and all written papers.  In the partnership, indulgence is required.

Wonderful love times

Stand up for Pisces because Venus is in its sign until March 20th, as well as the sun. These are the best conditions for an excellent partnership or a new meeting.


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