Daily horoscope - 2nd April 2016

Cancer lives turbulences and tumults, while Capricorn has to handle obstacles - keep calm altogether...

People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure.

David Attenborough

Saturday April 2nd 2016:}

The reinforcing elements of Aquarius are noticeable. You have talent to coordinate approaches – courageous and willing in the ambition. Veracious and open-mindedness are obviously achieved - you have also interest in pleasures, but you might not neglect topics concerning social circumstances – on your mind appears the ancient topic of fraternity. 

Daily aspects

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Moon (Aquarius) Sextile Mars (Sagittarius)

12:12 pm

This sextile gives us strong will, courage and adventurous spirit – we are open-minded with a clear mind.

photo: (c) Denis Zaporozhtsev - fotolia.com

Sun (Aries) Sextile Moon (Aquarius)

10:59 pm

The communication is balanced between the male and female principle. It is made no difference between colleagues and managers – the staff and the head.

Good teamwork is performed and you are at home everywhere. Friends, acquaintance and relatives are supporting your ideas and projects – it does not last for a long time. Use this period of time!

Birthdays April 2nd 2016: 

Alec Guiness ( * April 2nd 1914, Paddington, London, England, U:K. - † August 5th 2000, Midhurst, west sussex, England, U.K.) Great English actor and gentleman: he played most diverse characters brilliantly: including Ladykillers and The Bridge on the River Kwai. Prince Faisal in Lawrence of Arabia, Genral Yedgraf in Doctor, Zhivago. He played equally in A Passage to India, Great Expectations... and presented many more characters...    

Today's Saints: Sandra, Franjo, Paolski, Erica, Estonia, Ene, Enken, Enel, Eneli, Enelin, Pellervo, Sandrine, Titos, Franz, Miriam, Frank, Aron, Francesco, Paola, Isotta, Emilia, Grazia, Graziella, Selene, Ginevras, Selenio,  Regina, Glita, Irmgarde, Elona, Urban, Wladyslava, Zita, Gudmund, Radoslav