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Capricorn may be proved by herself, Scorpio seems to have the certain something indeed

Daily horoscope - 23rd August 2016
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Capricorn may be proved by herself, Scorpio seems to have the certain something indeed

Daily horoscope - 23rd August 2016 Scroll down

Capricorn may be proved by herself, Scorpio seems to have the certain something indeed.

Tuesday, August 23rd 2016:

Today there is only one single constellation which is to be mentioned: the one between the moon and Neptune. Herewith all creative aspects are given to fulfil an aspiring idea: it makes no difference, which zone you aim at – household or the field of arts, gardening or any profession you like…

Taurus Moon

23. August 2016
moon (Taurus)
waning gibbous

Time Aspects
12:32 Moon Sextile Neptune
19:39 Moon Trine Pluto

Daily aspects

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Birthday on August 23rd 2016:

Vicky Leandros (*1952), Ilija Trojanow (* 1965), Chris Potter (*1960), Skipp Sudduth (*1956)


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Enjoy the Midsummer!

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Every living organism is fulfilled when it follows the right path f...

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