Chinese New Year | Photo: istockphoto / Bartosz Hadyniak

Chinese New Year - The year of the monkey starts

Daily horoscope - 8th February 2016
Chinese New Year | Photo: istockphoto / Bartosz Hadyniak

Chinese New Year - The year of the monkey starts

Daily horoscope - 8th February 2016 Scroll down

Chinese New Year - The year of the monkey starts...

Aquarius Moon

08. February 2016
moon (Aquarius)
waxing crescent

Time Aspects
03:50 Moon Sextile Saturn
08:29 Moon Sextile Uranus
10:35 Moon Square Mars
11:36 new moon (Aquarius)

Daily aspects

Current timezone: America/Sao_Paulo, UTC-03:00 change timezone

Today's Carnival Monday in the Roman Catholic Church - come on jesters!

In the Eastern Hemisphere the Chinese New Year is celebrated today the beginning of the year of the Monkey!

The year of the Fire Monkey has arrived! For the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat it might become prosperous and joyful. The sign of the Snake may have to expect some extraordinary challenges... Read now the complete horoscope of the coming year. For some reason it is given the traditional advice to wear some red clothes on that day because the red colour spells luck and happiness. You would like to learn more about the Chinese Zodiac sign? Here you can calculate your Chinese horoscope...     

Birthdays 8th February 2016:  

Jules Verne (*8-Feb. 1828 - †24- March 1905) the French famous novelist, poet and playwright became famous by his adventure novels that had been a decisive contribution on the science fiction genre (e.g.: Journey to the Center of the Earth, Twenty Thousand Leages Under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Days.

James Dean ( James Byron Dean * 8th Feb. 1931, Marion, Indiana - † 30-Sept. 1955 Cholame, California) was the forever young misunderstood hero, rebel and idol of his decade - and his legacy is still alive. He became famous as actor and protagonist on movies that represent the cultural spirit of that time and influenced youth cultural movements for generations. Based on novel written by American writers like John Steinbeck James (Byron) Dean emerges brilliantly: Rebel without cause, East of Eden, Giant.  

Nick Nolte (8th Feb. 1941, Omaha, Nebraska U.S.) who was another more exceptional actor and his fame based on movies like Under Fire which deals with the Nicaraguan struggle for democracy and freedom and set a movie document of the decade of the eighties' during the hot phase of cold war and newer anti-imperilistic world order. 

Today's Saints: Philip, Hieronymus, Luciano


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Chinese New Year | Photo: istockphoto / Bartosz Hadyniak

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Chinese New Year - The year of the monkey starts...

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