Daily horoscope - 19th January 2016

On 19th January Cancer needs a vacation and Aquarius is admired...

Hope is a curtail in some affairs.

William Shakespeare

Daily aspects

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Sun (Capricorn) Trine Moon (Taurus)

4:56 am

This lucky constellation spells fortune in general – harmonious togetherness regarding parental care and relationship.

Moon → Gemini

7:19 am

Your mind and spirit are inquisitive and like to develop further on mental level. At the moment you have perfect keenness and you are interested in experience and impressions of various kinds. When the moon is in the sign of Gemini you are in a state of sensitivity and fond of communication, learning and cultures. Inspired by intuition.

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Moon (Gemini) Square Neptune (Pisces)

9:13 pm

This period reveals dreamy tendencies, passivity, illusions and emotional disturbance - Maybe you feel lost in thoughts and amazing imaginations.

Birthdays:  Dolly Parton (* 1946, country singer),  Edgar Allan Poe († 1849, writer, editor and literary critic - central figure of Romanticism and literature)  Janis Choplin (†1970, singer-songwriter)     

Today's Saints: Henry, Nathaniel, Paul, Arsenius, Fillan