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On 28th January: Good financial status for Capricorn and Aquarius encourage

Daily horoscope - 28th January 2016
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On 28th January: Good financial status for Capricorn and Aquarius encourage

Daily horoscope - 28th January 2016 Scroll down

On 28th January: Good financial status for Capricorn and Aquarius encourage...

Libra Moon

28. January 2016
moon (→ Libra) (16:02)
waning gibbous

Time Aspect
13:02 Moon → Libra

Daily aspects

Current timezone: America/Sao_Paulo, UTC-03:00 change timezone

Operating stars:

Thursday, 28th January 2016:

the moon forms a conjunction with Jupiter that starts at 1h a.m. - 3:12h a.m. and makes us optimistic, spiritual, and wakens our compassion.

1h a.m.: 4:00h a.m.: decrescent moon in the sign of Virgo.

Advice: Good moment for transplanting, apply hair care, dieting and the doctor's consultation.

Decrescent moon inthe sign of Libra.

Advice: It would be a good moment to clean the house, clearing up love affairs, to do some sports, apply hair care and you could take some time for craft work.     

BirthdaysElijah Jordan Wood (actor, film producer *1981); Henry Morton Stanley ( explorer †1904);  Nicolas Sarkozy (*1955)   

Today's Saints: Thomas, Carl, Caroline, Joseph


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