Daily horoscope - 18th June 2016

Wherever Aquarius would go people might be pleased to see him and Taurus is fit and well - she might feel insatiable need for some physical activity.

Where ever you go, go with all your heart.


Saturday, June 18th 2016:

The square of Saturn and Neptune deserves particular attention. The feeling of isolation and loneliness could occur. Our compassion and common comprehension leaves a lot to be desired…This extraordinary level of tension could be left behind, while you may trust the best in your subconscious – it is your spirit and origin of your individual and personal power and charisma.


Daily aspects

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Moon Opposition Mercury | Photo: (c) Adi Ciurea - fotolia.com

Moon (Sagittarius) Opposition Mercury (Gemini)

3:50 pm

Spiritual gifts are given for today, but serious decisions should be carefully considered. Thoughts are changeable – deviated from the truth. Difficulties may raise the impression of variability and act with precipitation.

photo: (c) robsonphoto - fotolia.com

Moon (Sagittarius) Conjunction Saturn (Sagittarius)

10:00 pm

This conjunction could show restrictions and reservation – the state of mind is melancholic and the health is feeble. Perhaps you feel not satisfied with the present situation – a few behave insincere. Inhibitions and hesitations within relationships are to be expected. Estrangements and divorce may occur. In isolation you can depend on yourself, but perhaps abandoned …

photo: (c) den-belitsky - fotolia.com

Moon (Sagittarius) Square Neptune (Pisces)

10:15 pm

This period reveals dreamy tendencies, passivity, illusions and emotional disturbance - Maybe you feel lost in thoughts and amazing imaginations.

Birthday on June 18th 2016:

Paul McCartney (* 18.6.1942), Isabella Rossellini (* 18.6.1952), Jürgen Habermas (*1929), Richard Boone (1917 - 1981)