Daily horoscope - 12th March 2016

Virgo is dificult to understand and Capricorn has a lot of positive energy...


March, Saturday 12th 2016

Today love appears on the stage and is concerning each aspect of affection: sensual love, but other displays of affection and charity as well. It may be fine if all aspects could be considered...

Daily aspects

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Venus → Pisces

7:26 am

Attractiveness and compassion are the most significant attributes during this period: you give assistance and affection. Sensuality and voluptuous desire could cause some pain. On the other hand you feel enthusiastic, lyrical and wistful. Your charisma fills the air. Creativity and gushy enthusiasm could be revealed but it brings on discoveries, talents and perhaps new solutions.

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Moon (Taurus) Sextile Neptune (Pisces)

8:58 am

The sextile supports facing challenges and creates personal development on a higher educational level. Today artistic force offers fancy and creativity – on the other hand tickle your fancy. Your thinking is guided by an extraordinary combination of intuition and determination. This aspect reasons dreaminess and fancy as well.

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Moon (Taurus) Sextile Mercury (Pisces)

1:00 pm

Sound judgment, learning aptitude, communicative skills, and repartee are caused by the sextile. The result is obvious to see: Independence and rapid perception, which is practically reflected in open-mindedness.

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Moon (Taurus) Trine Pluto (Capricorn)

8:38 pm

On emotional level you might be in a tender mood, but it could show partial orientation. A sentimental journey… that leads to new frontiers - and implies new dimensions of changing: new aspects on career, change of location, but equally uncontrollable factors.

Moon Trine Jupiter | Photo: © Daniel J. - Fotolia.com

Moon (Taurus) Trine Jupiter (Virgo)

9:34 pm

It represents a beneficial constellation. It is a fine constellation for social and material success. It is shown a positive attitude towards life and you may enjoy popularity. Generous structures are getting realized. The artistic side reflects optimism and attraction.

Birthdays March 12th 2016:

Jack Kerouac  (* March 12th 1922 - † October 21st 1969)  American legendary novelist, poet and painter of The Beat Generation. Author of the famous novel On The Road. 

Liza Minelli (* March 12th Hollywood,California)

Today's Saints: Gregory, Maximillian, Bernard, Fina, Renor, Justine, Theofanis, Fani, Kira, Marina, Maryna 

On March 12th  we celebrate the day of Saint Gregory the Great, Pope and Confessor: This date proclaims the approaching spring when soon in various regions the storks will return...