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Leo needs recovery from daily duty and Taurus would discover totally new perspectives at her partners side

Daily horoscope - 18th May 2016
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Leo needs recovery from daily duty and Taurus would discover totally new perspectives at her partners side

Daily horoscope - 18th May 2016 Scroll down

Leo needs recovery from daily duty and Taurus would discover totally new perspectives at her partners side...

 May Wednesday 18th 2016:

Caused by the moon and Uranus may cause rebellious tendency and pronounced self-will. Those who have enough spare time and opportunities would do their best to change this state of mind by doing sportivity. Relationships could be supported by dominant partners. Regarding love affairs the female side is particular pronounced, but it could even cause some dispute.

Libra Moon

18. May 2016
moon (Libra)
waxing gibbous

Time Aspects
01:33 Moon Square Pluto
12:26 Moon Opposition Uranus

Daily aspects

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