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Today Virgos financial commitments could be problematic and also in Scorpios life finances won’t do so well

Daily horoscope - 24th January 2017
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Today Virgos financial commitments could be problematic and also in Scorpios life finances won’t do so well

Daily horoscope - 24th January 2017 Scroll down

Today Virgos financial commitments could be problematic and also in Scorpios life finances won’t do so well.


Sagittarius Moon

24. January 2017
moon (Sagittarius)
waning crescent

Time Aspects
02:36 Moon Trine Uranus
02:54 Moon Square Venus
06:41 Moon Sextile Jupiter
08:28 Moon Conjunction Saturn
15:31 Moon Square Mars
20:42 Moon → Capricorn

Daily aspects

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Birthday on January 24th 2017:

Neil Diamond (* 1941), Mischa Barton (*1986), Michelle Hunziker (* 1977), Nastassja Kinski (* 1961), Justin Baldoni (*1984), Ed Helms (* 1974), Karin Viard (* 1966), Julie Dreyfus (*1966)


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Horoscope Leo - 24 th january

07/23 - 08/23

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