Daily horoscope - 31st March 2019

Today is a full moon: You probably feel short-tempered. Family disputes could appear on the agenda.
Daily horoscope March 31 2018 | Photo: ©  Manuel Adorf - Fotolia.com



Daily aspects

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Mars → Gemini

2:59 am

When Mars enters the sign of Gemini you show a sharp mind – with traces of sarcasm - on the other hand you are smart and curious, give your face a cheerful and communicative personality and inventive ideas enter the stage of your life. Perhaps you would act or react too hasty and determined. Communicative and clever, but somehow you would take advantage of other persons and opportunities. Maybe you can be great – but it might happen to offend one.

Birthday on March 31st 2018:

Ewan McGregor (*1971), René Descartes (1596-1650), Volker Schlöndorff (* 1939), Sophie Hunger (*1983)