Cancer Weekly Horoscope week 21

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Cancer this week

Love and partnership


The magic word this week should be tact.

Otherwise you overwhelm your lover by your determined approach. Being impulsive is difficult and will certainly not work if you're pushing your partner into something they don't feel very keen on. Use your charm to get your partner to be more enthusiastic about love-making. But be prepared that your attempts could fail.

Working life


You are irrationally distrustful of your colleagues and creating unnecessary obstacles for yourself when there is every reason to be confident about your position.

You should fight against these impulses! Instead try to be upbeat about your motivation. Be cooperative and support others, whenever it's required. There'll certainly be times when you'll need the help of your colleagues.



You're keen to take up the challenges and participate with people around you.

Physical exercise is exactly the right thing for you to compete with others and get rid of excess energy. But be careful that you behave fairly. An exercise that uses your skill rather than muscle power will enhance your self-confidence more this week than simply by being in the weights room.

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