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2016 Leo Horoscope

Venus brings ardent passion, Mercury contrary provides tension and conflicts

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2016 Leo Horoscope

Venus brings ardent passion, Mercury contrary provides tension and conflicts

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2016 Leo Horoscope

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What prepares 2016 for Leos? The year begins with a period of passion. Some renewals and changes appear and provide other constellations and perspectives.  With regard to professional level in September some conflicts are becoming obvious, but in October the unequal level is to be found in balance again. Leo should be very patient and understanding.       

January 2016 – an affectionate beginning of the year.

With regard to profession Mercury shows regression and this means to pay attention to the Gods! The God of merchants can turn into the God of thieves. So take good care for your goods and money! Be cautious with contracts and calculations and have a good look around. Often appear mistakes from the past and now they must be corrected soon by immense impact and expenditures. From 26th January ends the phase of regression and business runs as usual.

Venus enters in the fiery sign of Sagittarius:

The New Year has a fine beginning towards love matters and affection. Venus will have entered now the fiery sign of Sagittarius. This creates a beneficial trigon which will be maintained until 23rd January – almost the whole month, finally. After the beneficial time, which provides love and affection, the month continues with less intensity: just a bit calmer and more tranquil.

The things that warm Leos' hearts in the cold season!

Doesn’t matter how cold it will be outside: Leo will be warmed by affectionate love – the first high spot at the beginning of the year. So just enjoy this season! Saturn stands still in the sign of Sagittarius and a trigon is now created. Trigon stabilizes Leo.

February 2016 – tendency to extravagance.

Mercury stands in the sign of Capricorn: nothing disturbs, but no encouragement – routine is in demand. 

Concerning love matters patience is required.

From 14th February Mercury enters into the sign of Aquarius and will stay there until the end of the month. So it is created an opposition towards Leo: he feels irritable, nervous. He is impatient and becomes stressed. He must be careful not to be too dominating. It will represent the time for a complete change and some significant renewals. Leo could meet the unexpected, but along the line in the very positive sense.

Venus enters in the sign of Capricorn and a quiet period on romantic level continues until 17th February. After Venus enters in the sign of Aquarius and forms opposition – domination by Leo’s physical desires could be the reason why matters of the heart develop discontented. Impatience could spoil the party. Tension and misunderstanding could arise.

Cautious of expense

Tendency to wastefulness and expenditure – might be useful or necessary! Venus will keep this quality at this level to 5th March and after it drives to a positive change. Saturn stabilizes Leo and so it has a promising influence on the future.      

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Pleasant working conditions...

March 2016 – prosperous evolvement

When Mercury enters in the sign of Pisces the opposition finds an end and shows a position of neutrality.

A period of professional evolvement begins. It is getting much better after 22nd March when Mercury opens the trigon towards Leo and things are running almost by themselves. A period of professional evolvement begins. Some renewals and changes appear and provide other constellations and perspectives.

Expecting a successful professional future

Venus leaves her opposition towards Leo on 12th March and enters in the sign of Pisces what brings month of harmony and calmness. Mars enters on 6th March in the sign of Sagittarius where he stays for a while and created a trigon which offers a lot of energy and vigour. This is good news! Trigon and Saturn stabilizes Leo. On the whole a satisfying month for Leo! Later this year harvest will be brought in…

April 2016 – Mercury is disconcerting

Regrettably continues this period only until 5th April – just more or less a fortnight, so it most the important topic to take the opportunity to make the best of it! The square has a strong effect on Leo, which causes difficulties and obstructions. Regrettably continues this period only until 12th June– it looks over two months... It is getting better from 12th June – take your chance to carry plans and projects. Troubled times and difficulties with regard to career might rest. It takes two month in the sense of routine. Better standard of quality at this level arrives after 13th June then it drives to a positive change.

Fiery passion thanks Venus!

Wherever Mercury may fail, Venus would maintain and ensures the balance. Another emotional high spot appears on the horizon on 5th April when Venus enters into the sign of Aries and Leo becomes fiery and passionate – as for him it makes Leo very attractive. Pampered and treated like that Leo feels simply even better than before – it might be preserved forever, but surely would not be possible. At least it remains until 30th April. Wonderful times!

Mars gives a lot of energy!

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Energetic springtime!

Mars and Saturn are at Leo’s side and deliver an immense amount of vitality – what Leo needs at the moment. What else could be expected? Mercury doesn’t let Leo down, but Leo is abandoned somehow when Mercury gives now its support and energy first to the other zodiac signs. Such a predominantly month for Leo!

May 2016 – is kept reduced to a minimum…

Mercury’s resistance continues on concerning professional matters – as it is known from the month before. Mercury is regressive and Leo should have a keen eye on business matters. No risks, but play safe is the motto during these days. Fine results concerning business interactions would be more practical, if you are patient. Only after 13th June it drives to a positive change. Concerning romance - love and passion is kept on the back burner until 24th May. Venus as well represents the square constellation and Leo perceives its attitude towards passionate interplaying. Neither you have no idea what to do, nor sense interruption and disturbance. What an awful timing in the merry month of May!

Venus expresses capriciousness…

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Tender times!

Just a bit is given to Leo – it starts from 24th May …so to say an overnight change, but it takes a turn to the better. Yes, of course Venus is capricious. Leos wouldn't be resentful, certainly - having a better life, without being resentful! The main issue spells being favoured by Venus. Mars still represents its full vigour and passes all gifts… now for the sign of Leo it is becoming difficult: vigour and energy is left behind or would be misguided by impetuosity. Naturally you cannot always be controlled – but chose an adequate opportunity to get rid of negative emotional state of mind. Health disorders are in the focus – be careful and do not neglect your body and mind! Saturn stabilizes with its influence for the future - however, pleasantly. As a consolation it must be said better times are coming soon and will holding for the purpose of happiness...

June 2016 – better times are arriving

On professional level it is improving when on 13th June Mercury enters finally into the sign of Gemini – the dry period has passed by and Leo regains a flow. A beneficial sextile now has entered and furthermore some pleasant time for business reappears. From 29th June up to mid-July there is a fine time for transactions. To be continued next month… With a view to professional development you may expect a lot!

It is improved further

A lot will happen with romance when Venus would have entered into the sign of Gemini – grateful thanks to Venus. Fabulous time for romance continues until 17th June then Venus abandons Gemini and the sextile as well, but it continues in a satisfying way located in the sign of Cancer. A rather long period for romance is prepared… Trigon and Saturn stabilizes Leo. The month shows finally a satisfactory result.

July 2016 – the sun is shining

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Leo is now the preferred signs: between 23rd July and 22nd August is Leo’s birthday time! Therefore Leos are the favourable ones of this interval – the sun is at their side and gives his optimism, energy and joy to Leo's heart for the moment. Happy birthday Leos!

Mercury in the sign of Leo brings success

June, July and August represent the most significant months for Leos. Mercury enters into the sign of Leo and gives all its influence on Leo. The sky’s the limit. Those, who are striving for the pay rise, might ask for it – the best chance is now! In case of the new challenge on professional level or another occupation you could find out and start anew. Demand for pay rise and find the solution of a problem – gain successful commercial interactions from here and now up to promising offers to climb up the career ladder and experience personal and professional development. This time is rather short, but until 30th July – afterwards the intensity of the promising conjunction will be gone. For changes concerning career Leo should use the period between 15th and 30th July. The time is equally promising for romance.

Your soul mate or life partner is expecting you!

Venus enters into the sign of Leo on 12th July and stays there until 5th August. Those, who are in search of a partner, could get succeed – the best path to find one. There are existing now good opportunities - maybe Leo meets his new partner for a life time. Those, who intend to initiate the obligation of a close relationship, might be successful. Therefore go outside and partying! Save energy for partying - you can count on that! Good luck! Old lovers’ romantic path is not lost - old love is flourishing anew… For old lovers it could be offered a chance to mutual awareness once again – maybe unexpectedly. Old lovers are spoiled in those days of passion with affectionate experiences and learn anew how to tell "I love you” still – and this actually might be true in the end. Saturn still stabilizes Leo and offers helpful advice. July - best month of the year!

August 2016 – is pleasantly continuing…

Although the optimal conditions are subsiding it must be said August is still a strong month for Leo. Until 22nd August it is the time of Leo and destinies are controlled and dominated by Leo. The neutral and withdrawing phase is currently being processed. The top position is left behind, which means a neutral position without any beneficial actions but without molestation as well…

Throughout the month it is the time of Leo

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Leo's time!

Best times for romance – surprising twists and extraordinary results of Leo’s eagerness appear on stage – take your time to 5th August - five days to find new romance, do not hesitate. By the way, would be tricked out? Leo might be able to achieve his level of objections – maybe to meet your partner for a life time now – or soul mate or other unexpected major change…But, however, no higher emotional level might be expected – cooling off spells now. September starts at average level, but it does not compromise anything at all... but it is pleasant and you could be contented. Saturn is brave and daring – use these persistent structures and make it likewise! Thanks for giving this!

September 2016 – tension and opportunities

Mercury’s regression begins on 30th August and continues until 22nd September. Mercury is regressive and Leo should have a keen eye on business matters. The god of merchant could change easily to the god of thieves. If there should have been made some mistakes in the past, now the time has come to correct them - under quite difficult circumstances. From 23rd September business runs as usual and you can turn towards business transaction and contemplate the pleasant change for the better.

Venus in the sign of Libra reinforces its love

A fine time for romance appears on the stage of life. Venus stands in the sign of Leo and is keeping fine there – so it is reflected towards Leo. Soon this period is over and the pleasure finds its end when Venus changes to Scorpio and after having done it Venus is no longer amused. Now, after 23rd September the square reappears on stage and it is never promising a pleasure… Leo gives a testy reply and bad-temper is evidently seen. At present Venus’ beauty is gone with the wind. Sometimes it looks like that. This loss is preserved until the middle of the next month.

Mars offers vigour and energy

We've got some good news. Since beginning of August mars stands actually in a fine position towards Leo – it remains until September. Other good news is brought by Jupiter. It enters into the sign of Libra on 9th September. Jupiter is beneficial towards Leo and brings them all his presents now. However, Saturn stabilizes Leo. This month is full of challenges, on the one hand tension and on the other hand throughout a stroke of good fortune.

October 2016 – Jupiter soothes senses

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Lucky Jupiter...

From 7th October to 24th October Mercury enters into the sign of Libra - spelling good fortune for Leos. On 7th October when Mercury enters into the sign of Libra the promising structure of the trigon reappears – patronized prosperous perspectives. Fine time for romance starts on 18th October when Venus enters into the sign of Sagittarius. Over the fortnight Venus is really polite and amiable. Mars has a benevolent position and is full of vigour for Leo, whom he left before on 27th September, but it is sent enough energy to be satisfied. Read more about Lucky Jupiter and its influence on Leo for the coming month.

Maybe you meet the doctor you can trust

Jupiter represents sublime ideals and has an influence on spiritual topic. Those who are interested in such topics like Philosophy or higher education will experience profound knowledge. Now the time has come for juridical affairs – and Leo finally seizing the chance to obtain justice. A helpful hand or advice is passed – on the medical sector you could be confronted with a doctor that gives you the inquired response - or you improve a diet. Or you will experience a diet or similar measures show positive results. A disease or infection cured faster as one expected. When you intend to go on a journey you will be confronted with knowledge, maybe you undergo a radical change of your point of view towards various customs – unexpected presents and discoveries could be made. Jupiter is again at side of Leo and gives all the invaluable gifts that can be offered. Jupiter brings non-material values – invaluable assistance. Thanks to Jupiter and his formidable presents! You can really looking forward to its further support!

November 2016 – business acumen

Opportunities for Leo on career are offered until 12th November when Mercury enters into the sign of Sagittarius where it may stay to 2nd December. A beneficial sextile now has entered and furthermore some pleasant time for romance reappears. Until 7th December Venus structures the beneficial sextile – and is totally in love - after 7th December Venus enters into the sign of Aquarius, which spells cooling down, but tenderness  being in retired nature is almost fine some days. It works moderately, almost pleasantly, but with less intensity. Jupiter is beneficial towards Leo and brings them all his presents now. Have a keen eye for its attendance. Those who write a diary about its benefits actually recognize the truth about its deeds.

Saturn is stabilizing once again!

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Challenges are expecting you...

Saturn is still in the league with other benevolent star- and planet constellation and gives safety requirements… It is asked for a better performance to gain the desired future standard of living. The month shows finally a satisfactory result.

December 2016 – seduced by expenditures without limitation?

Mercury has entered into the sign of Capricorn on 2nd December 2015, which performs ideal conditions for negotiations. When afterwards there is no doubt about it - a period without hesitation and disturbance – routine is on demand. Much in demand, quite the contrary, is success on career - try you would be rewarded for sure!

Show tactful behaviour concerning negotiations and commercial papers

On 19th December - for the 4th time this year- Mercury starts again its regressive phase staying until 8th January and hence, the rule of cautiousness is necessary. Regressiveness is always a phase to be aware with regard to professional matters. Venus remains in the sign of Aquarius, which represents a calm period with regard to love matters – Leo could be satisfied. Venus rests in the calm and unmolested position of Capricorn and then comes the change into the sign of Aquarius – for second time in 2016. During that period it does not run smoothly for Leo, because the partner might be overextended with regard to sexual desires of Leo. Doing more with less is the best advice - and the need at that time. A certain amount of tact is required. Tendency to wastefulness and expenditure – might be useful or necessary! Craving for pleasure, hedonism and tendency to inappropriate and over-the-top expenditures burden Leo at the moment. Well, it would be easier to hide this behaviour and your current state of mind during the pre-Christmas period when large expenses might be covered easily… Further surprises are prepared by Jupiter – you may be curious what will it be…Leo would not be Leo if he could not match the character to approximate his general appearance and attitude. Jupiter fulfils his duty and is still reliable – passing his gifts carefully. Leo receives gratefully what is given to them. Jupiter is beneficial towards Leos and brings them all his presents now. Saturn, however, helps Leo to feel solid ground beneath his feet – stabilizing his standard for the future. The time of peace on earth has come – that remains to be said. Merry Christmas now! The pleasant time of peace on earth now has come – that remains to be said: Merry Christmas and such a marvellous turn of the year can actually be expected. Venus enters into the sign of Aquarius on 8th December and remains there for the rest of the month – so marvellous times of romance and passion are guaranteed, therefore a merry Christmas season is now arriving – enjoy it all together with palpable harmonious ambience!

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