2016 Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio at her best in the summer's heat of 2016. Who offers Scorpio best energy and most vitality? Naturally: The planet of the year 2016 - Mars

Scorpio at her best in the summer's heat of 2016. Who offers Scorpio best energy and most vitality? Naturally: The planet of the year 2016 - Mars

The year of Mars brings to the zodiac sign Scorpio most energy and vigour. Scorpio’s taking character mastered difficult situations and makes enjoy an inspiring summer time! Lucky Jupiter – the planet of wealth and wisdom - brings profound cognition…

January 2016 – good start

From 5th January until 25th January Mercury is regressive and Scorpio should have a keen eye on business matters. If you are confronted with contract negotiations, scrutinise generously. Best advice would be to hold out and give your signature after 25th January. After all it would be verified most precisely and your doubts may be disappeared.

Have a close look at your documents and verify them…

Correct now your mistake of the past – it’s too late to complain. Now it’s the perfect time to take care not repeating them! You should get success when you perform great care. After 25th January a calmer period may be expected and consequently fine results will be achieved. Venus enters in the sign of Sagittarius on 23rd January - this represents a neutral position – accompanied by tranquil emotion with regressive intensity of affection.From 24th September Venus will have entered into the sign of Capricorn – and immediately the intensity of passion will return - Scorpio is pleased.

Scorpio are sports friends

Mars enters his own sign on 3rd January and brings Scorpio a lot of energy and vigour – henceforth Scorpios gain a flourishing. Sports men and sporting fellows most likely participate in ski races and probably they will win the trophy – caused by their enthusiasm. Lucky Jupiter stays still in the sign of Virgo, but that means advantage for Scorpios. The period rests until mid-September – one by one, the birthday children will be filled with a sense of happiness. Jupiter represents sublime ideals – the divine order - as it were.Those who are interested in such topics like Philosophy or higher education will experience profound knowledge.

Lucky Jupiter brings new experiences

Now the time has come for juridical affairs – and Scorpio finally seizing the chance to obtain justice. A helpful hand or advice is passed – on the medical sector you could be confronted with a doctor that gives you the inquired response - or you improve a diet. Or you will experience a diet or similar measures show positive results. If you are involved in a healing or recovery process, this process will be accelerated. Maybe you are on a journey – a journey is always a process of initiation – you will gain a lasting experience that offers you a strong and permanent change of your perception and attitude towards the world or at least a distinct point of view. This is the way Jupiter works. All these things are the invaluable gifts that are offered by Jupiter.If Jupiter has the will to support you, you are one of  the chosen ones to win the lottery - you make the game! The sky's the limit. Thanks to Jupiter.

February 2016 – vigorous Jupiter

On professional level a satisfying period occurs until mid-February- to 13th Mercury is still standing in the sign of Capricorn and makes it comfortable for Scorpio by a harmonious sextile. After a square is created and this constellation spells difficulties and hesitation – it is continuing to 5th March. A fine period of time is starting soon – optimum benefit can be achieved on professional level.

Confident love life is arriving – thanks to Venus in the sign of Capricorn.

Venus enters in the sign of Capricorn – a beneficial gift is given by Venus before she creates a square passing 17th February.Venus is not amused – she is withdrawing into a sulk – and Scorpio gets to know! Love on the back burner – following the general tendency… It’ getting better from 12th March when Venus enters in the sign of Pisces – afterwards Scorpio will gain her first emotional high spot of the year.

Time to pull out trees!

March presents still vigour and energy for the whole month and henceforth Scorpio is in the mood of pulling out trees-amazing! Jupiter fulfils his duty and is still reliable – passing his gifts carefully. Those who write a diary about his benefits actually recognize the truth about his deeds. Soon a period of time appears on stage that will offer none. It is valid: A heartfelt thanks to Jupiter! Scorpios receive gratefully what is given to them. Thereupon by their opinion this could go on forever


Sports is a good medium - aimed at defusing tensions and so energy could be redirected to wiser and meaningful activity.

Naturally you cannot always be controlled – but chose an adequate opportunity to get rid of negative emotional state of mind. Doing some sports is always a good solution to get rid unwanted side-effects, of course. In conclusion it can be said: another month with marked and impressive influences for Scorpio has passed.

The professional situation actually improves after 13th June – by the end of Mercury’s Opposition.

March 2016 – beautiful time for romance

On 5th March, when Mercury enters into the sign of Pisces the first high spot on professional level begins. On 22nd March Mercury forms a beneficial trigon, what means things and procedures run almost automatically. Those, who are diligent, are achieving their goals. A fine time for love matters. After 12th March Venus stays in the sign of Pisces where a helpful trigon is created and a fine time for romance now may happen.

Sunny outlook: Zest for life and optimism.

The sun mainly stays in the sign of Pisces – hence it is brought lots of joy and confidence to Scorpio. On 6th March Mars leaves its beneficial position and its vigour alternates the sphere of the stars and planets. Jupiter favours Scorpio in an exceptional way thus Scorpio receives many presents. Those of you dear Scorpio, who might be full of awareness, will discover the most. If you pursue your happiness you might find an interesting topic, which gains you a lot of experiences.

Bright sunshine!...

April 2016 – faithful Jupiter

On 22nd March Mercury enters into the sign of Aries, where it stays until 5th April – after a phase of good professional development now the time changes to period that works in an unagitated way. Dear Scorpio, make the best of it!

Mercury makes Scorpio nervous and gives her an irritated mood.

On 6th April Mercury changes to the opposition, which makes facing most difficulties. Those conditions make Scorpio short –tempered, touchy, unapproachable and obstinate. Now there is not the period for renewals or cooperation – and it is no reason for travelling. On 28th April the phase of regressiveness of Mercury starts and therefore extreme caution should be taken. Be patient – patience is the key to gain your goals, by the way now the time prepares no advantage in the field of commercial interaction. The regressive phase of mercury comes to an end on 22nd May, but the square disappears only on 12th June. Be patient – patience is the key to gain your goals, by the way now the time prepares no advantage in the field of commercial interaction.

Scorpio, take the active part in your love life.

Romantic High spots continue on until 5th April. Take your time for romance and for the following five days it’s your topic. Those, who are in search of a partner, could get succeed – you are confronted with the first-class opportunity to find one. On 5th April Venus changes to the sign of Aries and, however, the fabulous constellation is gone and Scorpio must do some more on her own, if she wants to become truly lucky in love. It is to perform a convincing effort. Jupiter remains faithful and confident towards Scorpio – a series of acts and presents are given. Heartfelt thanks to Jupiter!      

May 2016 – new energy

On 22nd May the regressiveness of Mercury is finished and there is still an opposition to be found: a period of time full of hesitation, doubt, misunderstanding and difficulties is on stage. Scorpio starts afresh on 13th June with new spirit into normal conditions. As we know Scorpios are masters of making the best of it and apart from it Scorpio never decides to give up his plans and imaginations – remaining true to her tradition. After it is getting better again…Venus enters in the sign of Taurus and creates an opposition, but it does not rest for such a long period of time – in contrary to the phase of Mercury’s Opposition.

Love drive...

You can really looking forward to welcoming romance once again.

On 24th May Venus changes to the sign of Gemini and then Venus reaches the neutral position what brings on refreshment to love matters. It is not yet the perfect time and moment for passion and tempestuous love, but there is now a time for soft romance and tenderness, isn’t it a nice idea? On 27th May Mars reenters into the sign of Scorpio and Scorpio get along with all that energy and grace. Scorpio always needs it…By the way Scorpios get assistance by Jupiter the time has come for success and unexpected surprise – maybe on professional level or elsewhere, who does it know?

June 2016 – new drive

The professional situation actually improves after 13th June – by the end of Mercury’s opposition: Promising flourishing development. Not yet a spectacular promise is given – but no impressive offerings and gifts are made at the moment. Mercury let you do your daily work without molestation. Better promises might have passed your way – but soon they will return.

Perfect time to meet your soul mate, your new partner naturally!

Love matters improve after 17th June – because Venus enters into the sign of Cancer – and Cancer is generally similar to Scorpio what helps to make things becoming much better… Another fine moment of love and passion is arriving and keeps its presence until 12th July. The perfect time has come to seize your chance to make some changes now to find the partner for a life time. Those, who strive for the perfect partner, could be successful. Scorpios are inspiring and like to go on a journey – that is always a fine way to gain some experience. Dear Scorpios: Wishing you the very best for the time of breath-taking romance! Regarding romance and wedding vows the best time has entered now – maybe it works for you, dear Scorpio.  For old lovers it could be offered a chance to mutual awareness once again – maybe unexpectedly.

July 2016 – every cloud has a silver lining

July – another fine and promising starting point is given for your career this year. Roll up your sleeves and start doing – take your chance within the next fortnight. July – realize your chances and opportunities. After Mercury enters in the sign of Leo and structures a square towards Scorpio, by the way, it promises difficulties as it generally known. Until 5th August these exceptional circumstances continue on – accompanying by hot and cold shower.

Many things are changing…

At the beginning of the month Venus has a perfect position – it is kept until 12th July. After a square is formed and Scorpio sense her dependence given by Venus. You gain nothing for free on emotional level... lovers, spouse - who are you? Characters, characteristics – what about your both sides, now? Find out – time is on your side until 5th August…after it is getting better again. Tempers are changing. Pleasant high and low – determine the final sense.


August 2016 – heyday for love and romance

On professional level the conditions are improving after 31st July, when Mercury will have passed the square.  Mercury stays in the sign of Virgo and a beneficial sextile is on its way… This promising period on occupational level rests until 7th October. Get succeed now! Those, who agree with all that might gain success and would be rewarded. Venus returns and brings back amiability and kindness. After 6th August Venus and Mercury create the beneficial sextile to give support and assistance. Venus gives all its kindness to Scorpio up to the end of the month.

Venus gives all its graciousness to Scorpios.

If the weather in those summer days shouldn’t be fine – the tempers run high by passionate imaginations and flights of fancy.  Mars is leaving now its first class pool position on 2nd August and Scorpio could calm down for a while – well done, but this type of intensified sensation would have been lost. A good advice, if it is required: Keep your resiliences in balance. It is the last time for Scorpio to get some advice and benefit by Jupiter – hence on 10th September Jupiter leaves its beneficial position towards Scorpio. Last order! Be aware of its farewell presents, its parting gifts... Thanks to Jupiter.

September 2016 - Mars has a lot in store

Mercury stays still the sign of Virgo – on professional level a good position and is followed by a regressive phase, which starts again on 30th August and continues on to 22nd September. Regressiveness is still the warning light, so please, avoid making some mistakes! The sensitive topic in these days is communication and mediation – the field where Mercury takes its effect.

Work precisely!

If there should have been made some mistakes in the past, now the time has come to correct them - under quite difficult circumstances. It sounds easy, but could be rather complicated. Be cautious and avoid some mistakes. After 23rd September business runs as usual – and success is on its way to you now! Venus enters in the sign of Libra and stays there until 22nd September. Here comes a time without passion and molestation. But it does not last for long, because on 23rd September consequently Scorpio enters into her own sign. During that period it does not run smoothly for Scorpio, because the partner might be overextended with regard to sexual desires of Scorpio. Be sensitive towards your partner. On 27th September Mars enters into the sign of Capricorn – this has vigorous effect on Scorpio.

Jupiter is leaving.

Jupiter is leaving on 9th September after it changes into the sign of Libra and gives its support from now on to other zodiac signs. In those days there might be much more to be expected. However, thanks a lot for your support, Jupiter during the course of the last thirteen months!

October 2016 – a strong month

Followed by a period continues on until 21st November where Scorpio may catch the attention and is now taking centre stage. Scorpios is supported by the sun and can celebrate their birthdays with lots of joy and vividness, fantastic optimism – Scorpio receives the most of it. Cordial congratulations to Scorpio!

New paths for career...

Could you expect the new professional challenge?

October is a prosperous time for Scorpio. Mercury is still in the sign of Virgo and the beneficial sextile is on stage and rests to 7th October. After Mercury enters into the sign of Libra - the period from 7th to 24th October – is representing a fine reason for working successfully before on 25th October Mercury enters into the sign of Scorpio – and the professional climax is created! Scorpio’s result might be considered with pride the continued inspiring influence brings on great energy and actually fine results. Best news for an ideal month! Those, who are striving for the pay rise, might ask for it – the best chance is now! Those who are looking for another change towards occupation probably get a chance to accept the challenge. October is definitely the outstanding month for Scorpio – dear Scorpio: you can really looking forward to experience!  In the month of November the procedure continues on…

November 2016 – warming Venus

November follows a similar trend like the month before – you can feel pleased. On professional level the high spots continue on. Mercury keeps still its promising position for Scorpio after leaving it changes to the sign of Sagittarius what means still a fine period to continue your tasks with success.

Hot romance in the cold season

Venus stays in the sign of Sagittarius until 12th November what represents corresponding response to Scorpios Love life and passion – tranquil and without any molestation. After Venus changes to the sign of Capricorn, caused by this constellation passion and Scorpio’s proper passionate state of mind returns and becomes equally obvious. Mars remains in its strong position up to 9th November after it is leaving its favourable location and Scorpio might lose some vigour or at least has to fight against misguided energy.

Sports is a good medium - aimed at defusing tensions and so energy could be redirected to wiser and meaningful activity.

Naturally you cannot always be controlled – but chose an adequate opportunity to get rid of negative emotional state of mind. Doing some sports is always a good solution to get rid unwanted side-effects, of course. In conclusion it can be said: another month with marked and impressive influences for Scorpio has passed.

December 2016 – gracious Mars appears.

On professional level the promising and prosperous phase continues. On 2nd December Mercury enters in the sign of Capricorn and created a beneficial sextile, which brings beneficial results on each level. On 19th Mercury’s regressiveness reappears for the fourth time this year and it has to be announced to act calmly and with caution.

Venus adopts loving care for Scorpio...

On emotional level a fine period is performed – it stays up to 7th December – as long as Venus rests in the sign of Capricorn. Venus is changing her attitude and behaviour towards Scorpio the times are not bright any more – those, who have actually a very intuitive sense, refuse the impact of roughness, miss the most the cordiality. But, however, in December no higher emotional level might be expected – cooling off within the cold season. Scorpio becomes reclusive for a while – she dislikes showing her sentiments in public as it is – but you can't escape her keen sense and her watching eyes... Such a period of repose – concerning passion, romance and all that, makes her thinking over mistakes and could bring on her spiritual journey of cognition and self-knowledge. After all Scorpio is renewed and well-balanced – much more than before and passionate times for romance will come up soon.

Mars – the red planet – offers precious energy during the pre-Christmas obligations.

Through the Advent Season - from 4th up to 19th December Mars gives finally a large quantity of vitality, therefore it is seen Scorpio does easily the Christmas shopping. During the Christmas season and the turn of the year Scorpio maintains the enviable situation of being full of inspiration and vitality.


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