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2016 Virgo Horoscope

The sun offers vividness and charisma - Jupiter gives its assistance all-the-year.

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2016 Virgo Horoscope

The sun offers vividness and charisma - Jupiter gives its assistance all-the-year.

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2016 Virgo Horoscope

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2016 will be a prosperous year for the zodiac sign of Virgo. Jupiter is beneficial and in particular summer time promises gracious gifts with joy and passionate moments in an auspicious atmosphere. On professional matter the spell is: no risk, no gain!

January 2016 – Welcome Virgo in the year of Jupiter!

Virgo can enjoy the benefits of Jupiter first nine months of the year. Jupiter represents sublimely ideas! After 9th September Virgo experience a conjunction: full of religious spirit, philosophy and educational attainment. Virgo will gain profound really exceptional knowledge. Justice is an important topic under certain circumstances. Maybe endured legal proceedings will come to an end now!

Jupiter activates the body's recovery process.

On medical level maybe you meet a doctor, who is able to help you immensely… maybe you find a diet that works or a disease heals more quickly. Jupiter offers gifts and experiences and a lot of significant impressions Virgo will come to know and the pursuit of happiness could be fulfilled soon. Caused by this conjunction Virgo will find her individual way to get succeed. Try a lottery game, of course. Think about your longings and negligence - just a drop of bitterness comes from the influence of Saturn, which forms a square. A square represents tension and difficulties in dealing with advance and in interpersonal handling. But finally Virgo will get succeed!

Jupiter has a very strong impact on Virgo.

Saturn has an adverse effect on love matters and makes Virgo feel depressed and discouraged. She suffers from capriciousness and is not really in mood to go out to meet someone… if she is looking for a partner she must change her mind, of course. She can trick out Saturn but she has to be courageous. Jupiter is still at her side and despite Mercury enters in the sign of Capricorn Mars is strong enough to send energy. On professional matter Virgo must be cautious and should be track of contracts and expenditures. Venus is not in a beneficial mood to support Virgo, but this will change to the end of the month: a trigon has always a balancing effect. Once again; we draw the conclusion that Mars and Jupiter together will bring vigour and fortune to Virgo at the end of the month! Maybe you should write a diary to control what will have happened to you in those days…

February 2016 – a beautiful might be expected.

In February will be a fine time for business processing approximately to 13th February but after things will equally likely happen in a good manner! Love has optimal care to 17th February and with regard to emotional matters Virgo might be satisfied. A calm period of charming moments might be expected.    

Virgo is full of energy and could not be stopped

All month long Mars supports Virgo with vividness and makes her more ambitious as usual. She will receive the message from Jupiter brings fortune and appreciate her work and diligence. She will gain generous recognition all along the line. There is nothing left to be said.        

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Keep calm and let some time pass by...

March 2016 – time out

Mercury stays in the sign of Aquarius until 5th March and then it begins the period for prosperous interaction - after Mercury enters in its opponent sign of Pisces – there it is resting until 22nd March. Mistakes and misunderstanding could be made by those unpleasant prerequisites. The lack of level-headed behaviour could be shown and the obvious change of the point of view.

Mercury makes you feel mistakes...

Mercury’s qualities are neglected at the moment and ponderous communication complicates daily life. After 23rd March these times will have been passed and the following period is quite normal and things run as usual – Mercury has no effect – no disturbance at all. Love matters are neglected equally. Venus stays in the sign of Aquarius – to give some comfort in those tranquil days up to 12th March. After Venus enters in the opponent sign of Pisces – an opposition is made and leads to misunderstanding concerning romance and love matters. Some disadvantages could appear – with particular regard to business interaction. Virgo is cautious by nature, but now she could be mistaken… Times are getting better in April – especially concerning romance and love matters.

Treat your body well and have a keen eye on your healthy condition.

Mars leaves its beneficial position on 6th March and after a square is defining – misguided energy is on the advance and consequently Virgo appears impetuous. The square could represent tendency to morbidity. Square the recklessness and take good care of yourself. Mainly Jupiter is reliable and blesses you! Virgo appreciates the fact to experience support. Heartfelt thanks to Jupiter!

April 2016 – new energy

Better times are to be expected after 6th April, when Mercury enters into the sign of Taurus and creates a trigon - after 28th April Mercury stays still in the sign of Taurus, but in a regressive way – be cautious with contract negotiations. Do not risk anything at all - the motto sound like that...The regressive phase stays until 2nd May afterwards the time of being mistaken comes to an end now and the ambience appears rather usually…

Love matters and romance are improving from 5th April and these tender days are kept until the end of the month- after Venus leaves the opposition and enters into the sign of Aries. For this reason you can be rather satisfied.

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Time to work out...

Most energy for sports!

Mars stays in the sign of Sagittarius and this condition could still release delicate aggression. Those who have enough spare time and opportunities would do their best to change this state of mind by doing sportivity. It takes still a while until Mars holds out another beneficial constellation in prospect. Jupiter enters in the sign of Virgo and therefore the pleasant time Returns!

May 2016 - bright Venus appears on the horizon.

The regression of Mercury continues on until 22nd May. On professional level it is recommended to act mindful.  It would be, nonetheless, the meaningful experience to correct things and reconsider some mistakes from the past – it just takes place when the phase of regression works... From 23rd May Mercury stay still in Virgo and concerning business interactions you could succeed.

Good chances regarding love matters!

Romance is the announced topic – precisely it’s given from 1st May up to 24th May. Hopefully Virgo should have taken her chance to experience some romance, after it occurs an opposite period: when Venus enters in the sign of Gemini and let her sense without her appearance nothing happens. Love and romance is kept on the back burner – it could easily happen to be annoyed by your spouse, fiancé or lover. Within time periods when Venus is predominating this would be unthinkable, but for now it is the current status. Fortunately you will already see it is getting better soon – suddenly. Mars has still an adverse effect on Virgo until 27th May therefore you should take care for your physical condition. Support and bestowment by Jupiter are welcome.

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June 2016 – Mars makes Virgo vigorous

On professional level Virgo can expect a prosperous first half of the month up to 12th June approximately. Take your chance now because afterwards the following phase is accompanied by a square, which mainly prefers difficulties. The stars can be gracious and beneficial – and after some time their attitude changes and we have to relearn to rely on ourselves. The square of Mercury continues on to 29th June after Virgo receives further Support.

Enjoy the presence of Venus!

Regarding romance it is becoming better from 18th June, because to 17th the square is reconsidered in the focus of the constellation. After 17th June Venus recovers and reconciles in the best spirit. Thank heavens! Just enjoy those marvellous days! Mars offers Virgo vital energy – and Virgo regains a sudden strength. Another heartfelt thank-you and be prospected for interesting experience that prepares life – benefiting by your date of birth at the moment. Some of those birthday boys and girls could find their happiness in life.

July 2016 – everything will be alright

A prosperous month can be expected. A positive sextile is structured by Mercury and it continues up to 14th July, but later it rests until the end of the month with less intensity – stable times. Concerning love matters and romance as well. There are some good conditions and circumstances.

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Completely perfect...

Elan, verve, spirit of romance combined with occupation and spare time.

After 12th July a beneficial sextile is supported by Venus and its influence works without interruption – Virgo can feel satisfied. Mars offers vigour and energetic drive for Virgo and brings pleasant days in July – enjoy them: doing some sports and have a good look around. At the end of the month Jupiter brings some presents – Virgo is responded and kind. A marvellous month happens.

August 2016 – a considerable month

Birthday children from 23rd August up to 22nd September – that’s just the way it is! Now the time has come for Virgo – she is supported by the sun – with zest of life and vividness. These are the preferred signs. August and September are becoming the best months of the year. Cordial congratulations to all those lucky ones! Regarding profession: it shows the best time of the year.

You are thinking about a pay rise now?

Mercury enters in the sign of Virgo on 30th July and she is most favoured at this time.  Everything feasible – put it into your hand.  You could get whatever you are longing for: take a chance now – from pay rise up to your career path. Venus enters in the sign of Virgo – de facto the perfect time to bring on the romantic path! Those, who strive for the perfect partner, could be successful. Save energy for partying - you can count on that! Old lovers’ romantic path is not lost – old love is flourishing anew… Jupiter brings fruit and wine – presence for Virgos. What a fabulous month! Unfortunately soon the time has come to say good bye to lucky Jupiter.

September 2016 – say good bye to Jupiter

Another fine month for Virgos! Up to 22nd the sun stays still in the sign of Virgo. After 30th August Mercury stays in its own sign - concerning profession a slow and regressive phase is starting – this constellation normally prepares disadvantages. Nothing ventured, nothing gained – that’s the best recommendation to last. On 22nd September ends the regressiveness and mercury stays in the sign of Virgo – it promises prosperousness. Make the best of it. Venus is in the sign of Libra – a period without any high spots and suspense – might be a convenient time.

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Pure passion!

Passionate times!

On 23rd Venus enters in the sign of Scorpio and makes Virgos most passionate – surprisingly, Virgo normally does not behave that way. Mars restructures a square and therefore discussions and trouble is on stage.

Mars is the god of war – quarrelsomeness is now on stage!

Less energy shows less resistance towards your state of health. This actually maintains until 27th September – be gentle. After 28th September Virgo is spoiled again and shows her best side – giving all her enthusiasm and eagerness without being rigid to herself. Thanks to Mars! Mars is no more the god of war meanwhile he has changed his conception and turns to the counsellor of mental and physical performance. Finally the last view back on Jupiter: Jupiter supports Virgo to 9th September after it leaves the conjunction constellation and changes into the sign of Libra – and Libras are now becoming the preferred ones. The result: Since 12th August 2015 Jupiter spent its time in the zodiac sign of Virgo and would have made many of them happy… Another expressed heartfelt thank you!

October 2016 – new opportunities

October might be quite a fine month. Until 7th October Mercury stays in Virgo – best conditions. Seven days of optimal use are prepared. Make the best of it and take your chance to achieve whatever your aspiration is…

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

It is a suitable opportunity – it does not matter however described. Behave moderately and do not exaggerate! Venture out – Virgo represents the winner – it’s her game.

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Gentle Autumn

Venus is heartfelt affected.

Over the fortnight Venus is really polite and amiable. Afterwards the period changes to another calm ambience – less passionate - store at room temperature. Fortunately you will already see it is getting better soon – suddenly.  Mars reveals its positive attitude towards Virgos – we conclude with good news. Cordial Thanks and kind regards!

November 2016 – strange Mercury

Successful on career until 12th November – mercury is on stage with the beneficial sextile constellation. After Mercury changes into the sign of Sagittarius creates a square with hesitation and difficulties. The occurrence of strikes might be place on - the public service or similar matters control your daily life.

Mercury enters in the sign of Sagittarius…

Good traditions are out of order now. For example: the occurrence of strikes might enter – the public service or similar matters control your daily life. For heaven’s sake maybe you find another solution for your problems… Venus leaves its disadvantaged position – for heaven’s sake moderate ambience returns and it makes you feel much better. Make a change and try to leave something behind – maybe your way of thinking could be influenced by having changed your direction. Until 9th November Mars is still amicable to Virgo, but it loses its intensity. Last message: Virgo is now neglected after a month of amicability.

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Time for romance!

December 2016 – Benefit plans of Venus

From 2nd December to 19th December on business level an excellent period starts now by the entering of Mercury into the sign of Capricorn. Those, who intend to achieve a goal this year, might be succeeded. Mercury provides special gifts and stays still at Virgo’s side – one way or another Virgo maintain the course of ambitious Review.

Peaceful Christmas time: soft and tender…

Best times for romance from 1st to 7th December – surprising twists and extraordinary results of Virgo’s eagerness appear on stage towards the end of the year accompanied by pleasant ambience for romance – wonderful Christmas time has come now. The time of peace on earth has come – that remains to be said. Merry Christmas now! Be kind.

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