Dear Readers;

The time has now come: The New Year is just around the corner! After the passing year was a relaxed year, which was dominated by Lucky Jupiter, now an exciting Martian year has now arrived.

We used the drive and energy of the red planet and we made a detailed analysis for each zodiac sign for 2016. Finished with drive and passion for details we created our magazine and hope you will like it and enjoy reading it! We present our comprehensive edition—for a certain fee you could receive our PDF magazine. We are really looking forward to your feedback and you could communicate your opinion and questions to [email protected]. Regarding Mars’ untamed influence we transport energy as well… We wish to develop further each year…

We thank the experienced astrologer Erich Bauer for giving his support and estimation to our magazine. He takes a look at geopolitical events in 2016.  Under the untamed influence of Martian Power there will be happening a myriad of significant geopolitical events coming in various shapes. This will be the prevailing topic for 2016. We have to say <<thank you>> to another planet – for keeping political fate and action in balance – more or less, somehow. We will see…


The Martian year offers love enough space. 

The significant topic of 2016 will be—more or less surprising – Mars represents the field of war, armed conflicts and geopolitical confrontation. What is now Mars intention? Mars has the intention to unify with the planet of Venus. So 2016 might become equally a year of romance and passion. Based on certain conditions the criteria must have been fulfilled: Altruism – the idea of charity and humility, reference, sense of dignity and tolerant behaviour. To be continued by yourself--- you may know what could be missing – what’s absent in the world, on earth - equally with regard to both: your individual lacks and serious global failures and breaches of faith.

I wish you and us the very best for 2016, which has its significance under the prevailing influence of Mars – we could master a lot of those political and ethical problems, if we really want, so I am convinced.

Best wishes,

Yours sincerely, Kurt Franz

Ps: We would point out our horoscope information with regard to specified dates is referring to the CET ( +1h)}

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