Aquarius 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

Jupiter will help keep Aquarians in a good mood through to October, according to the 2017 horoscope. Even if their stars aren’t favorable, on the whole the year will be positive.

Aquarians will be blessed with auspicious constellations right at the start of the year. Jupiter will be sending welcome surprises through the middle of October. Attentiveness will be necessary to truly appreciate all the gifts life brings, both big and small. Aquarians will start February with lots of positive energy on the career front. It’s even possible that this month could be the most successful one of the year when it comes to job matters, since Mercury will be in your own sign Aquarius.

The sun will also be providing special support and success to birthday boys and girls during this time. Afterward, things will become a bit more volatile. The energies of the individual planets will be positive sometimes, and negative at others. Great love prospects promise a golden October, for Venus will be showing us her best side and Jupiter will be giving his all before turning his attentions to the next sign. The final months of the year will be satisfactory and reflective.

January – March

Gifts in all colours

Mercury will be in Capricorn, representing a neutral position for Aquarians when it comes to professional matters. Of course, Mercury will still be retrograde during the first third of the month, so difficulties in understanding could crop up. Special caution and precise work will be necessary. After this retrograde period, you won’t be facing any further major difficulties. Venus and Mars will be in Pisces, another neutral position that will bring an average level of support in matters of love and beneficial influences in terms of energy. Saturn will form a positive trine throughout the entire year, allowing it to have a stabilizing effect on Aquarians. Jupiter will be in a sextile through the middle of October, meaning that this lucky planet will be surprising Aquarians with its gifts again and again if only you know how to look for them. You can feel satisfied.

Two thirds of Aquarians have their birthdays in February. And what’s even better: Mercury will be entering your own sign Aquarius after the first week, meaning that the next two and a half weeks hold the best opportunities of the year in your professional life. Anything is possible now, from a new job to a salary increase. Venus will also improve her position, which is super. She will be moving to Aries after the first few days of the month, from where she will have an even more intense influence on Aquarians’ love lives. Mars will follow her lead, contributing even more power and a noticeable vigor. Saturn will remain a stabilizing force, and Jupiter will have a gift or two up its sleeve. A very lovely month.

March will be very nice in both your professional and love life; only Mars will be making some trouble. It will form a square after the first third of the month, meaning its strength won’t be able to hold out no matter how much you need it to. You should take care, therefore, and pay attention to your health as Mars continues to act out impetuously. Balance is important; otherwise, you could find yourself susceptible to illness. We have to thank Saturn once again, providing long-term stabilization. The same goes for Jupiter. Its gifts are always welcome, even if they’re only small ones.     

April – June

Things won’t be quite so smooth in April in your professional life, since Mercury will be in a square during the first two thirds of the month. It will also be retrograde after the first third, which will once again indicate difficulties in understanding. Precise work will be required. If errors have happened in the past, they might come up now and have to be corrected. We will be satisfied with Venus’s contributions in the area of love during April. Mars will still be in a square during the first two thirds of the month, however it will improve its efforts suddenly after that. It will form a beneficial trine, having a very positive effect on Aquarians. Saturn’s influences will also be growing markedly. Jupiter’s as well, of course.        

Your professional life will be up and down in May. Mercury will be in Aries, which is positive. Its retrograde phase will also be over after the first few days of the month, which is super news, and means you can achieve good success during this time.

Mercury will, however, be in a square once again from the middle of the month, which indicates difficulties. Everything won’t go quite as smoothly as you’re used to. Venus will be exemplary, on the other hand, and you could use her love during this time. This means there could be some highlights in the love area during this time. Mars will also be contributing all of its power for Aquarians throughout the entire month, which is a great development. Saturn and Jupiter will also continue to have a positive effect.

Mercury will end its square after the first week of June, which is very good news. Things look quite different now, and positive success is once again possible in your job. Venus, however, will become moody. She will still be full of love for Aquarians in the first week, but will then suddenly change her position. This might seem enigmatic, but that’s just how she is sometimes. A good time to put love on the back burner. The boost of energy you’ll receive from Mars will be welcome, as will Saturn’s positive contributions. He is the lord of time, after all, and decides when things mature in our lives. And, once again, all our thanks go to Jupiter, who continues to provide helpful support to Aquarians.

July – September

With the oppositional aspect Mercury is taking up after the first week of July, you are likely to have difficulties once again in your professional life. Aquarians might have to deal with lies, errors, dissimulation, and misunderstandings. So be on your game and pay close attention if you want to fool an Aquarian. This situation will last until the final week of the month, after which this difficult period will be over. Venus will continue to pout for the first week of the month, but then thankfully will be improving somewhat and ensuring pleasant times with those you love most. Mars’s effectiveness is also quite acceptable; in the third part of the month, however, it will move into an oppositional aspect. This could be problematic, and will affect all areas of your life at once. Disagreements could lead to a break or separation. Dangers also lurk in technological areas. There could be disputes over reforms and similar matters. Great caution and restraint will be needed if you want to subdue the dangers. The stabilizing forces of Saturn and Jupiter’s positive position will also help.

Things will go well in your professional life through the middle of August. Then Mercury will be retrograde, meaning you may have to deal with some unpleasant surprises once again. Errors made in the past will show up now, and will have to be corrected with great care. Venus will be relatively balanced throughout the entire month, but will get out of place once again in the last week. It will move to Leo and form an oppositional aspect. But things aren’t really all that bad. Everything’s relative after all, but Aquarians aren’t too worried about their negative qualities like exaggerations, compulsiveness, passionate outbursts, unconventional behavior in love, etc. The opposition between Mars and the sun of Aquarius is much more problematic, and it will last the entire month. So, continue to exercise restraint in all your decisions and take great caution to make sure nothing happens. Thanks again to Saturn and Jupiter.

Difficulties in your professional life will ebb after the first third of September, with normal conditions finally returning. Venus will remain extravagant for a little longer, namely through the third part of the month. Then it too will be returning to normal, even though this might not seem ideal to Aquarians. Mars’s oppositional aspect will also be over after the first week.

The clever Aquarian has been saving his strength up to now, so it can return to its normal channels once again. Thank Saturn - the harvest you’re working to reap now will be of benefit to you in the future. And give a special thanks to Jupiter for its gifts - which it has showered Aquarians for so long now - as well. The gifts will, unfortunately, only continue to the middle of October.

October – December

Happy Times

Outstanding opportunities await in your professional life until shortly after the middle of October; a beneficial trion will be acting on Aquarians from Mercury. Use this time well. A square will be returning once again aftwards, leading to impediments that are sure to come and put a damper on things. Venus will be behaving marvelously. She will be acting satisfactorily through the first half of the month, and afterwards she’ll have nothing to hold her back, and will be in top form. If you can take the time to enjoy love, you’ll be in an enviable position. Mars will be following her lead. He will also be acting with satisfactory results, then optimal ones. Aquarians can certainly use all of this motivation and vigor, since all this power can help them really get things going - not only in the area of love. Thanks to Saturn as well, and above all to Jupiter, who is leaving us. Unfortunately. He is just, however, and has to turn to other signs. He’ll be back, thankfully!

Things will be going very well in your professional life throughout the entire month of November. The square will be ending after the first few days of the month, after which positive results are possible in your job. Venus will end her optimal aspect after the first week, then will become moody once again. Of course, we’ve seen this from her before. What can you do? Nothing - love is once again on the back burner. However, a grand trine acting on Aquarians continues to provide top circumstances, including a huge amount of power and a zest for life. And, finally, we’d like to thank Saturn very much once again. You can feel very satisfied.

There are very good professional opportunities on the horizon throughout the entire month of December. The only defect is in Mercury’s retrograde phase, which will be starting once again after the first few days. However, if you work precisely nothing will stand in the way of your best opportunities. Venus will suddenly be changing her position at the start of the month - she can do that from one day to the next, after all - and all signs point to happy moments and a good time for love. Aquarians will suddenly be overrun with happiness and bliss, causing them to forget any critiques and just revel in joy.

Mars recommends you take care of your health after the first third of the month, during which it will still be having an optimal effect. You should avoid hectic situations. And December is the month of contemplation for many of us, which is something to think about. All in all, a wonderful month.  

The Sign Aquarius – Tactical Master

Cheerful and happy, that’s how Aquarians appear to the world. Aquarians have an optimistic view of the future and are looking forward to 2017, the year of the sun! Read our portrait to find out everything about the zodiac sign Aquarius.

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