Libra 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

According to their horoscope, Libras will experience a lucky period starting at the beginning of the year; Jupiter will be sending them its positive energy throughout almost all of 2017.

With mindfulness, observant individuals can learn to recognize Jupiter’s gifts both large and small. There will be an improvement on the career front in the middle of the year. Kind Venus will be supporting Libras above all in September and October. The stars look good during that time frame, should you want to go searching for Mr. or Ms. Right. October will also have some beneficial aspects with regard to career. The goal here is to take advantage of Mercury’s energy to move forward professionally.

January – March

Jupiter will be having a positive effect on Libras almost the entire year, something that happens only every 12 years. Libras will be able to count on its positive influence again and again throughout the year. Many lucky events are on the way, in all areas of life.

Mercury will unfortunately be in tension with the sun of Libra during January, so you aren’t likely to see many positive career developments. In addition, Mercury will be retrograde at the start of the month, which could cause communication difficulties to pop up. Venus’s influence will be useful, as well as the influence of Mars, which will provide Libras with energy.

In February, Mercury will be entering Aquarius after the first week, from where the planet will act in a very positive manner. Better days are on the way in terms of your career. Venus will be acting from Aries, which is an opposition position. Misunderstandings or disputes could be on the way. Mars will be in opposition, which could trigger impetuous reactions. However, Jupiter’s influence will not wane. It will remain a reliable force, preventing many negative developments.

Mercury will also be acting from an opposition position in Aries starting in mid-March, somewhat tempering positive career developments. Venus will be in an oppositional aspect in Aries throughout the entire month, which could lead to erotic tension, careless behavior, and unfriendly actions by others. Mars will be providing Libras with a welcome boost of energy - they’ll need it! And, thank goodness, Jupiter will be back on Libra’s side, and will have a few positive surprises in store.

April – June

In the second third of the month of April Mercury will become retrograde, so you will have to deal with some disruptions in your work life. However, precise work and great care during negotiations, contracts, etc. can help you avoid many errors. Venus is still not in an optimal position, so high points in terms of love will be fairly rare. The support of Mars, however, will be very satisfying. Jupiter will continue to send Libras some welcome lucky breaks.

Starting in the middle of May Mercury will be entering Taurus, causing your professional situation to slowly improve. Venus will remain in an oppositional aspect, however, which will continue to cause tensions in your love life. Mars, on the other hand, will be contributing lots of power and energy as it forms a beneficial aspect with the sun of Libra. And Jupiter will continue to send lucky breaks both big and small - anything is possible.

After the second week of June Mercury will be in the sign Gemini, representing a very positive and beneficial aspect. Now you will be able to look forward to positive energy in your career for the next weeks, although the magic will wane somewhat after that. Venus will also be in an improved position after the first week of June, and its good, average level of influence will continue through the end of the month. Mars will form a square, so you might find yourself reacting impetuously. Going for lots of walks is important, as is taking care of your health. We can only hope that Jupiter will continue providing positive surprises and plenty of luck.

July – September

Mindfulness suits you!

After the first week of July, Mercury will be entering the sign Leo and forming another positive aspect. Now is the time to expect good professional success. Venus will finally be seeking your attention; after the first week of July it will move to the sign Gemini, where it feels right at home, and Libras will feel this positive energy as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if it never ended! Mars could still be responsible for some violent reactions, but this will fortunately change after the second third of the month. After that, it will just be sending you boosts of energy that will have a positive effect. Libras will also still be able to count on lucky Jupiter to help them out.

Starting in the middle of August Mercury will become retrograde once again, potentially causing disruptions. You should proceed very carefully in your career to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. It’s best to put off concluding any contracts for the next three weeks, giving you plenty of time to think things over. Venus’s pleasant influence will be a thing of the past; she will form a square with Libra and remain very out of tune, to put it mildly. Only in the last week of August will she suddenly shift her behavior. Seems a little moody, eh? All at once, she will be back to her good old self - a loving, sweet, and irresistable charmer. It might be tough to keep track. And, once again, let’s give thanks for the gifts of Jupiter.

Mercury’s retrograde period will be over after the first week of September, after which you can expect more normal conditions. Disruptions will largely be a thing of the past. Venus will still be in top form, for quite a long period actually. Mars will also be providing solid support. The momentum and power it will provide Libras will be a very welcome development. And, once again, all our thanks go to Jupiter for acting so auspiciously on behalf of Libras. Unfortunately, you might not always recognize all of its contributions, instead taking them for granted as natural. It will be moving off in the next month, however, sending its aid to some of the other signs instead.

October – December

A wonderful morning in November

Mercury will remain in your sign through the first half of October, meaning that your professional high point of the year will also have past. This is a relatively short time, and you should use it for your interests. It would be a beneficial time to change jobs, ask for a raise, etc. Venus will also be entering your sign halfway through the month. If you spend this time getting out with friends and opening yourself up to other people, you might get to know a new partner. You can expect some true high points for the year in your love life during this period. Mars will also be making an appearance, providing you with the energy you need for your nighttime escapades. After the first third of the month, Jupiter will unfortunately be turning its attentions to the next sign. Let’s thank it once again for all its energy!

We can keep things short and sweet for November. The high times will keep coming, only waning slightly over time. It will feel a little like the sound a plane makes as it comes towards you, then passes over head. You hear it all of a sudden, it gets louder and louder as it comes towards you, then reaches a high point over head before flying by to become quieter and quieter until it disappears completely. The month will go by in a similar manner for Libras.

Mercury will be in retrograde once again for three weeks in December, so you should be very, very careful in your professional life during this time - or face problems. However, extreme caution will help you avoid most errors; you won’t have to deal with them again any time in the near future. Your love life will continue to be satisfying, and Mars will be giving you the energy you need for all your undertakings. A good time to say thanks. All in all, a good end to the year.              

The Sign Libra – Generosity and Warmth

In the presence of a Libra, people often feel a sense of peace and security. Libras’ beauty can enchant those around them. Read our portrait to find out everything about the zodiac sign Libra.

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