Pisces 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

The sign Pisces will enjoy a joyful, colorful hustle and bustle in 2017, for the stars in their horoscope will all be playing their parts to provide variety throughout the year.

Venus will hurry to your own sign Pisces right at the beginning of 2017, spoiling you with plenty of love. They will continue to show you their attentions in February. Excellent professional prospects will also begin at the start of the year (March). These will then alternate with Venus, who promises optimal conditions for love in April. You could find your soul mate. Mercury in Taurus also promises good professional prospects once again. Positive times in your career and good experiences in love will alternate with one another.  September will be somewhat of an outlier, however, as the stars don’t look so good in that month. Jupiter will rush in at the end of the year to make it all better. The last three months of the year he will be acting with quite a heavy hand, bringing happiness to Pisces with gifts both large and small. Pisces will have quite the rollercoaster ride to deal with this year, and all the stars will be playing their parts to keep things varied and interesting.

January – March

Mercury will be in Capricorn in January, representing a positive aspect for Pisces in their professional lives. There is one small hiccup, however, which is the retrograde phase of Mercury. It will have an effect during the first third of the month. Precise work is required to ensure you don’t make any errors. However, you will be able to look forward to good results in the last two thirds of the month. Venus will be in your own sign Pisces right after the first days of the month, the best position for the goddess of love. Now everything is possible when it comes to love. You might find your soul mate, for instance, and this would be a great time to schedule your wedding. Pisces will be spoiled by Venus for the entire month. And Mars will also be in Pisces, from where it can provide them with an optimal level of energy. A wonderful start to the year!

February will be another wonderful month for Pisces, in all areas of life. they won’t exactly reach the same high point they did in January, but they will certainly take this slight reduction in stride, feeling entirely satisfied with their lot. There’s no need to say more. Another great month!

Mercury will be moving to your own sign in March and keeping this ideal position until the middle of the month. This is the best position it will be in all year. It will sharpen Pisces’ understanding such that they’ll be able to come up with smart solutions easily, ultimately allowing them to make money. Venus’s influence will no longer be quite so exuberant, yet it will remain noticeable. You could call this a normal period in your love life. Mars will be giving even more energy, meaning additional motivation and vigor in everything Pisces do.

April – June

Mercury will be moving to Taurus, meaning good prospects once again on the career front. It will be in retrograde after the first third of the month, however, so you may have to deal with communication difficulties. Precise work will be required once again. If errors have happened in the past, they might show up now and require long and painstaking corrections. Venus will be back in your own sign, Pisces, after the first days of the month, treating the water-born sign to her affections once again for almost the entire month. If you haven’t already found him or her, you should be looking intensively for your soul mate at this time. He or she is certainly around, just waiting to be discovered. The power coming from Mars will continue to be very strong. Thanks very much for all the vigor!

Mercury’s retrograde phase will be over after the first days of May, after which normal work will be assured once again. Prospects are very good for positive results during this month. Venus will be withdrawing its fervent passions somewhat, but too much of that is unhealthy anyway. You’ll also feel quite satisfied with just a little less vehemence in your love life, and Pisces will enjoy the attentions of Venus throughout the entire month. Mars will form a square during this month, meaning it will act impetuously and create some hectic times for Pisces. This is exactly what you want to avoid. Balance is important during this time. Go on lots of walks, play sports, and channel your excess energy into productive channels. Taking care of your health is key.

The month of June is so-so, we might say, when it comes to your professional prospects. Things will look great at the start, then become more difficult after the first week due to a square, then be optimal once again in the last week of the month as Mercury forms a trine to the sun of Pisces, leading to outstanding conditions.

Venus will be increasing her passions after the first week, and will then be in Taurus. This is a very comfortable position for her, which Pisces will certainly feel. Mars will finally no longer be in a square after the first days of the month, after which its hectic period will be ended and it will once again be able to provide Pisces with excellent energy. Wonderful.

July – September

There won’t be any professional difficulties in July; instead, everything will be going swimmingly. Mercury will move to Virgo in the last weeks, of course, which is an opposition position. Be careful, for intrigues, deception, improper behavior, clumsy statements, etc. could be something to watch out for. Venus will be helping Pisces to feel the love in the first few weeks, but then its influence will cool off considerably. It will be in a square and rarely seen. Put love on the back burner, in other words. Mars is the only one you can count on all month. It will be reliably sending power and courage to Pisces. Thank you.

Professional tensions could continue throughout the entire month of August. Mercury will remain on an oppositional course, and will also be in retrograde in the middle of the month. Use twice as much caution, therefore, to ensure errors don’t crop up. Be careful during important negotiations and with contracts. It’s better to delay them until the retrograde phase is ended, which will be the case after the first week of September. Venus will improve suddenly. It will be moving into the related sign Cancer at the start of the month, meaning a beneficial trine Pisces will certainly feel the good effects of. Thanks very much to the goddess of love. The coldness she showed towards Pisces recently is now all but forgotten. Mars’s boost of energy will be making a very good contribution throughout the entire month. Thanks very much to him as well.

There could still be tensions in September in your professional life. Mercury will be in direct motion once again after the first week, but this will only take care of half of the potential tension. Mercury will still be in opposition to the sun of Pisces, which could still lead to intrigues, lies, deception, etc. At the end of the month, however, this hurdle will have been passed and things will get better. The passion Venus is sending Pisces’ way will be average in the first two thirds of the month, certainly an appropriate development. Better than nothing. It will move to Virgo in the last third of the month, forming an opposition that won’t exactly lead to harmonious times on the love front. Mercury recently reacted in a similar fashion, but in the area of career instead of love. Venus will have a similar effect now in interpersonal relationships. Here, as well, you might experience a lack of clarity, deception, intrigues, etc. So be careful that you don’t turn into a victim. Mars will also be going into an oppositional aspect after the first week. It’ll be the same thing all over again. There could be deception, intrigue, and lies once again. Quite unfortunate. September certainly isn’t the best month for Pisces, but things will be changing again soon.           

The sign Pisces - gentle water sign

Pisces are seen as helpful, empathetic, and sometimes a little restless as well. They enchant everyone they meet with their helpfulness and sophisticated sense of humor. Read our portrait to find out everything about the zodiac sign Pisces.

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