Scorpio 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

For Scorpio, the year 2017 will begin with plenty of beneficial energy from the stars. Your horoscope indicates there are a few surprises coming up over the summer...

Passion, professional changes, and lots of emotion: The summer months will be an intense time for Scorpio. At the end of the year, as well, Scorpios will once again receive positive support from the stars.

For Scorpio, the year will begin with plenty of beneficial energy from the stars. Afterward, things will calm down somewhat. However, things will be right as rain again in the summer months, then start on a steady upward trend. Venus will be smiling on Scorpios, giving them passion and the chance at a love affair, albeit with its typical moody nature. A peak professional period will follow in October, in which salary increases, new professional paths, and good teamwork are likely. Scorpios will likely have their best month of the year in November. It’s the kind of end to the year most people dream of!

January – March

Mercury will be in Capricorn during January, a positive position for Scorpios. However, Mercury will still be in retrograde during the first week, so you should use extra caution in your career. You shouldn’t experience any further difficulties the rest of the month, on the other hand. Venus will be in the related sign Pisces, meaning an even better position than Mercury’s. Scorpios will be spoiled by Venus all month long. Mars will also be in Pisces, forming a beneficial trine Scorpios will experience as a large boost of power and energy. A great month!

Professionally, things will be going very well through the first week in February. However, in the next two and a half weeks Mercury’s positive influence will drop off somewhat before the planet once again works in your favor during the final days of February. With the beneficial trion from Pisces, Mercury will once again bring first-class results. Venus will be making an average contribution during this time, which is still a reason to be thankful. Mars’s support will be similar, which will have an effect on Scorpios’ mood and energy level. Another good reason to be thankful.

Mercury will be sending outstanding influences in the first half of March. Your understanding will be sharpened, and you’ll be able to make better decisions. “Normal” or average circumstances will follow - still a satisfying situation to be in. Venus will also be providing average support - nothing too thrilling, yet satisfying. And Mars will be providing a good dose of power and energy to Scorpios in the first third. Afterwards it will be in an oppositional aspect, which could lead to impetuous or intense reactions. If you can keep yourself in check, you’ll get more out of your life.

April – June

We would recommend extreme caution in your career in April; Mercury will be in opposition at the start of the month, and will then be in retrograde. You should think over any important decision multiple times. Scorpios are known for their occult abilities, as they can delve deep into their own subconscious to look for messages there - a skill not shared by any other sign. This period will provide sufficient time to exercise this ability. Venus will be outstanding during this month. Another great month for love! Mars will continue to be stormy, but change its behavior during the third part of the month. 

Things will get a bit better in May on the career front, but not yet decisively so. You will still have to expect some difficulties, and you might feel everything in life seems to be getting tougher. You will have to work a bit harder to achieve just normal results. Venus will, at least, be sending Scorpios a halfway satisfying love life - that’s not bad, but of course Scorpios always want a little more when it comes to love. An energy boost from Mars will be a welcome development.

Professional prospects will improve through the course of June, and from the third part of the month things will be going very well - even great, you might say. Finally, a little success in reward for your hard work. However, Venus will soon be in opposition. That means it will be in a sour mood, leading to difficulties in your love life. There’s nothing to be done - arguments are simply in the air. Better to turn your energies towards your work during this month instead of towards love, especially since Mars will be taking up such an outstanding position and blessing Scorpios with excellent energy.

July – September

The first weeks of July will still be optimal when it comes to your career, after which Mercury will be moving to Leo to form a square, a sign of difficulties. They’ll last two and a half weeks. Then things will get better once again. Life is marked by an eternal series of ups and downs, after all. Venus will be changing position after the first few days of the month, and won’t be in quite such a bad mood anymore. Instead, it will be in a more neutral position. Your love life will begin to improve once again. And Mars will be sending wonderful energy your way as well.

The first half of August will be a satisfactory period in your career, but starting in the second half Mercury will be retrograde once again. Use great care in negotiations and contracts, etc., since communication difficulties are highly likely. Venus will be in the related sign of Cancer, from which it can act on Scorpio with great intensity. This will truly be an outstanding time for love. Warnings are coming from Mars, however, when it comes to your health. We would recommend walking a little more softly and taking care of yourself.

From the second third of September prospects will improve on the career front. Mercury will be entering Virgo, from where it can do quite a bit for Scorpios. Venus will move from one extreme to another. Things can shift completely from one day to the next, quite a moody situation. she will now be in Leo, a position from which Venus doesn’t look all too favorably on Scorpios. Venus is unpredictable, given to outbursts of rage, and engages in behavior we’d never put up with in a woman, or a man either. From the third part of the month her behavior will change once again in a flash - you won’t believe it. She’ll turn back into a purring kitty once again, spreading nothing but well-being and positivity. Mars will give Scorpios the energy they need.          

October – December

Gentle love in spring

Mercury will be in Libra in the first half of October, which will result in average support. Afterwards, it will be entering your own sign Scorpio, meaning the best time of the year when it comes to career. This will only last three weeks, however. You should use this time purposefully for a salary increase, change of jobs, etc. There are lots of possibilities during this time. Signs are good in the area of love as well, at least in the first half of the month. Things will be reduced somewhat after that, yet remain satisfying. Mars will once again be blessing Scorpios with a good amount of energy. And we’ve saved the best news for last, too: Jupiter will be entering the sign Scorpio during the second third of the month, and Scorpios will be able to enjoy the influence of the lucky planet for several months. Great!

Mercury’s outstanding support will continue through the first week of November, a time when Scorpios will be able to achieve quite a bit in their careers. They can keep up these achievements as time goes on with Mercury’s positive support. The next bit of good news comes from the love goddess Venus. After the second week of the month she’ll be entering your own sign, so Scorpios will be enjoying excellent support from her side. A great time for love. Now would be the perfect time to find your soul mate, get married, etc. Anything is possible. Mars will also be providing some welcome support in any undertaking that needs a lot of energy. And let’s not forget to thank Jupiter. His gifts aren’t always easy to recognize. For instance, you might take it for granted if you notice a complicated issue that seems to resolve itself all at once. Of course, it didn’t resolve itself at all. There’s always a planet behind the scenes acting on the situation. It could have been Jupiter.

You’ll have to be careful in your professional life once again in December of 2017, and be very precise in your work. Mercury will be in retrograde, which could trigger difficulties in understanding. Venus’s gifts of love might not be outstanding, but they will at least be satisfying. You won’t have any major dramas to look forward to. Mars will be in an optimal position for contributing power, and Scorpios will practically be radiating energy. Jupiter will be delivering some excellent gifts. You just have to pay close attention to your everyday life in order to recognize all the ways it’s acting, and where its actions have had an impact on you. It is always acting.

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