Virgo 2017 - Full Yearly Horoscope

The 2017 horoscope will start out somewhat calmly for Virgos, but only so that they can gather their strengths for a peak career phase coming up.

Virgos’ lucky star will be on the rise from June to October, at least in professional matters. The planet Mercury will then be in your own sign, Virgo, providing a boost of energy that will stimulate good results in your career. From a promotion to a new job or salary negotiations, anything is possible. Venus will be playing a role in these developments, along with Jupiter at the end of the year. Jupiter will also have a special Christmas gift in store for Virgos. The planet of surprises both big and small will be supporting Virgos throughout almost the entirety of the next year.

January – March

Mercury will be moving to Capricorn in the first few days of January, from which it will be sending Virgos a good helping of support in their professional lives. Mercury will still be in retrograde in the first third of the month, so communication disruptions may occur. But if you work precisely and conscientiously, you shouldn’t experience too many errors. Success will be on the way in the second third of the month. Venus will be in Pisces, and thus in opposition to Virgo. Unfortunately, this could trigger small annoyances and misunderstandings. Mars also councils to not let yourself be provoked too easily.

Mercury will be in a very positive position in the first third of February, supporting Virgos with good mental acuity. Then Mercury will reduce its aid to a normal level, nevertheless a very satisfactory amount of support. Venus is also going to become a bit more friendly when it comes to love, a positive development. Virgos can also expect an average level of support from Mars when it comes to energy and power, which will also be welcome.

Not much will change in March over the previous month in either your professional or love life. Average support from Mercury and Venus - nothing thrilling, but welcome nonetheless. Only Mars will be increasing in strength from the second third of the month, providing a strong boost in potential energy Virgos will feel in their career lives. This strength will also be noticeable in other areas of Virgos’ lives as well. In gardening, for instance, or even in vacuum cleaning.

April – June

Mercury will become retrograde once again in the second third of April, which points to possible communication difficulties. Precise work will once again be necessary to ensure you don’t make any errors. Good thing precision is a strength of Virgos. Venus still will not be in a strong position; this means it doesn’t make sense to write love letters during this time, since they won’t have any grand effect. You might also experience little annoyances and misunderstandings of all kinds. The only thing you’ll be able to rely on in the first two thirds of the month is Mars. Nevertheless, you should take care of yourself and watch your health.

Mercury will be moving into the related sign Taurus in the middle of May, a position from which it can send plenty of aid to Virgos. This will lead to good opportunities in your professional life, with highly satisfying results. Things will also be looking up quite a bit for Venus. It will be in Aries throughout the entire month, which we could call a neutral position. Things won’t be all too thrilling, but you also won’t experience any impediments. Love letters would be received much more positively during this time. You will, however, feel somewhat impetuous this month, which could lead to outbursts of anger. Diplomacy is called for - or trail running, which is a great way to blow off some excess steam.

The month of June will start off well in terms of career, and hard work will certainly pay off. Roughly at the end of the first week, however, you might experience some impediments lasting two weeks. That’s how it goes sometimes. This is the start of good times in your job. Venus will also be awakening, becoming more of an influence. This means she will be showing herself more often after the first week of the month. Finally, the first high point of the year for love!

July – September

Mercury will be in Cancer the start of July, which will be positive, then in Leo, reducing its effects somewhat, and then in your own sign Virgo, which is the best position. Truly a high point of the year in your career! From a new job to a salary increase; anything is possible. Venus will leave its good position roughly after the first week of the month and move to Gemini, which could lead to resentment. It will be pouting once again. It could be Virgos have critiqued it too much lately - goddesses tend not to like that very much. She’s telling you to stay humble. Mars will be like an endurance athlete when it comes to support - you won’t exactly be taking on any high jumps, but Virgos will have plenty of energy for their everyday tasks.

Mercury will remain in the best position in August, in your own sign Virgo, a position it will retain the entire month. This is the good news. Unfortunately, there’s a little bit of bad news too. Mercury will be in retrograde starting in the middle of the month, so difficulties could come up. These might be things that have happened frequently in the past cropping up once again to haunt you. You’ll have to correct old errors, while preventing new ones. Precise work will be required. That’s what Mercury is trying to teach us during this time. The support coming from Venus and Mars is good, so there will be plenty of love and passion in your life as well.

Things in your career should be great in September. Mercury has been in your own sign Virgo for quite some time, and this is one result. Venus will also be in Virgo during the final third of the month, great news on the love front. Mars will also be in Virgo throughout almost the entire month, contributing pure power. Of course, the sun will also still be in Virgo, since two thirds of Virgos have their birthdays in September. This is likely to be your very best month.

October – December

Be light!

Things will remain positive in your career in October, and the outlook will be even better starting in the second half of the month. Venus will still be in the throes of love for Virgos, at least until the middle of the month. This could be a good time to find your soul mate, if you don’t have them already. However, she will be reducing her influence somewhat after that as she needs to turn to other signs. The help coming from Mars is optimal support for Virgos’ entrepreneurial spirit and dedication. But the best news is that Jupiter will be sending happy moments to Virgos starting in the second third of the month.

In your career life, November signals the start of two months requiring extra dedication. Everything might not go as smoothly as it had in the past. The high points have to make way for the low every now and then, after all. Nevertheless, Venus’s contributions for Virgos will continue to be very satisfactory. You’ll also be thankful for the force Mars provides, helping you to complete all your everyday tasks. Jupiter’s the only one we still need to show our appreciation to. Its support of Virgos will become clear over the next few months, if you pay attention and know how to treasure small moments of joy.

In December, Mercury will be responsible for some difficulties in the areas of intellectual ability and understanding. All our efforts in these areas won’t lead to much success. Mercury will also be in retrograde, so you may have to deal with correcting some past mistakes. Venus will be hidden, but will at least make a positive showing in the last week of the month. Mars will be ascendant starting in the second third of the month, a very positive development. And Jupiter is in a great position, sending its gifts to Virgos for almost an entire year.

The Sign Virgo – Kind-Hearted and Peace-Loving

Virgos are a wonderful sign, and appreciate an orderly and tidy life. Virgos know how to clear their minds, then create clarity in the world around them. Read our portrait to find out everything about the zodiac sign Virgo.

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