Monthly Horoscope Aquarius April 2019

How do stars stand for the sign Aquarius in April 2019 in love, work, and health?

Positive surprise may arrive

Jupiter is doing very well this month, giving the Aquarians positive energy. In April, the Aquarians are very hungry for success and curious, they should absolutely breastfeed this greed and now deal with higher education.

For vitality and well-being

The sun will stand in Aries until April 20th, which means a favorable sextile, which is why the Aquarians receive positive power from the sun. There will now be excellent opportunities to assist projects. Now you should take the chance and actively approach people because now they will support you too. So be active and introduce yourself to others is the watchword now. In the course of April 20th the sun will then move to the neighboring Zodiac sign Pisces, and along with this side aspect of semisextile, almost neutral times will arrive so there won't be many strong impulses from the sun, but also no hindrances.

Energy Planet Mars stands all month long in the related Zodiac air sign Gemini, which results in a favorable trigon, which is why the Aquarians will now have a lot of power available. Mars will soon bring more courage, joy in risk and adventure, desire to work and a strong desire to experience sexuality and other impulses. You will also feel the need to start something new, and you will be willing to do it.

Lucky planet Jupiter will continue to be very positive, this is why Aquarius will have to face lucky twists or support from the planet. All the high ideals that Jupiter represents are now under its special protection.

Now it would be essential to strive for higher education. The study of philosophy and religion will provide lasting satisfaction. Legal and medical fields will also be part of this influence, as well as the field of teaching.

Saturn forms the secondary aspect of the semi-sextile all year round, which means that it will only be weakly active, pleasing. Saturn always has to do with our karma, and this is also referred to our past failures, which are compensated in this life.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury is in the neighbor Zodiac sign Pisces until April 17th, which results in the second aspect of the semi-sextile, which is why you should expect neither disabilities nor too large supports from the planet of communication. It will be better if Mercury in the course of April 17th moves to the Zodiac sign Aries because this will give way to a favorable sextile, which will bring right conditions in the job, finance, and in the field of communication. In this situation, people will become very curious and smart. Other people will wish to know a lot about you, and you'll also get more involved in phone calls or correspondence, such as answering emails. Maybe one or two short trips will appear on your agenda. This time is also favorable for negotiations and religious studies.

Love, happy moments and art:

Venus will stand in the neighboring Pisces until April 20th , which gives the side aspect of the semisextile, so you probably should not expect disturbances in love matters. In the course of April 20th, Venus will move to the Zodiac sign Aries, and this will open the doors to a pleasant sextile, which is why the love and art are favored. Venus will not spare soothing gifts. Everything beautiful and right and the skills will now be increasingly in evidence. You just have to find the time to enjoy all this!

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