Monthly Horoscope Aquarius February 2019

What do the stars have to say about love, career and health for Aquarius in January 2019?

February - Wonderful Gifts

Aquarians will be celebrating their birthdays through February 18th, and will have plenty of energy thanks to the sun and Mars. Things will go very well for you in terms of your career during the first few days of the month.

Vitality and Well-Being:

The sun will be in your sign Aquarius through February 18th. Many Aquarians have their birthdays during this time, so congratulations to all the birthday boys and girls! According to ancient astrological interpretations, the days surrounding your birthday is always a somewhat pessimistic time as you are concluding an annual cycle. At the very least, you’ve grown another year older. A new cycle begins, although the future is a complete unknown and a challenge waiting to be tackled. What’s the best way to react to this kind of uncertainty? With gifts. The best way to handle these perhaps somewhat depressing days is to enjoy gifts that bring you joy. Pretty great, right?

Now we know why people give birthday gifts. Very clever, really very clever. So make sure you give good gifts to help the birthday boys and girls in your life enjoy their special day! They won’t forget it, and are certain to return your gifts in kind on your own birthday.

Mars, the planet of energy will be in the sign Aries through February 14th. Aries will have plenty of energy during this time thanks to the beneficial sextile aspect. Mars transits tend to bring courage, an interest in risk taking and a will to work hard. They also tend to bring an increase in sexual energy. Mars isn’t just the god of war, but also the representative of male sexuality. Over the course of 2/14, Mars will be moving into the sign Taurus. It will be forming a square aspect through the end of the month and far beyond. Aquarians should attempt to tame the excessive energy that will be raining down on them during this time. Otherwise they might be too hasty or engage in arguments or recklessness. Who knows - perhaps Aquarians (otherwise a very personable sign) need to engage with these qualities too from time to time.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, will form a positive sextile through 12/2/2019. This means Aquarians can expect to see a lucky break or two during this time. Nevertheless, they should not neglect education and training. They will need the results of this education when Jupiter once again turns its favors towards other signs.

Saturn, the lord of time as well, will be relatively gracious throughout the entire year. This means that although it may place obstacles in your path these will not create major delays. However, you should not respond with too much bravado or arrogance, so as to avoid provoking the planet. Here’s a joke to help you understand what we mean: A 40 year old master craftsman dies and goes to meet St. Peter at heaven’s gate. He complains to Peter: Why did you call me up here? I’m only 40 years old! Peter looks him up in his book and says: According to the hours you’ve charged to your customers, you’re already 99!

Career, Money and Communication:

Mercury will be in your sign Aquarius through February 10th. This will be an optimal time in terms of communications, career and finance, and you should make sure you use it to your advantage. More personal initiative will be required after 2/10.

Love, art and happy moments:

Venus will be in a very favorable position through February 3rd. Love, friendship, marriage, art, and everything good and beautiful will be highly favored during this time. Afterwards, the planet will enter the neighboring sign Capricorn. From there, Venus will take on a different quality and will require you to approach all of these areas seriously and not take them for granted. If you do take them seriously, you are guaranteed to enjoy a highly positive period.

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