Aquarius monthly horoscope January 2019

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aquarius in January 2019?

January - A Wonderful Start to the Year

Aquarians will enjoy a great start to the new year as Mars sends strength and energy, and Jupiter is well-disposed to the sign. They will also be celebrating their birthdays starting on 1/20 ! And Mercury, which will be exercising additional power this year, will promote any projects Aquarians start surrounding their professional success. It would be hard to find a better start to the year!

Vitality and Well-Being:

The sun will be in the neighboring sign of Capricorn through January 20th, so you won’t have to face any obstacles from the sun. Instead, the sun will be in a neutral position and its energies can flow unhindered. After 1/20 it will switch into your sign, Aquarius, so Aquarians will be having their birthdays. Congratulations! The sun will be sending all kinds of energy and vitality during this time, so use it to make some plans for the coming year. This is a good time to try something new. Any projects you start now are very likely to come to a good end, since you’ll be getting so much beneficial energy from the sun.

Mars will be in the sign Aries throughout the entire month except for the first, forming a positive sextile which signals strength and energy, courage, an interest in taking risks, hard work, and strong sexual energy as well. After all, Mars does stand for male sexuality. What more could you want? You will be able to implement your ideas relatively easy during this time.

You will have positive news from Jupiter, the planet of luck, which will be in the sign Sagittarius throughout almost the entire year.

This means a highly positive sextile aspect that will send continuous beneficial influences and positive and surprising favors. All of this support from Jupiter will last through December 2nd, after which the planet moves into Capricorn. Afterwards, you will have to content yourself with smaller gifts that you might receive from Venus, for instance.

Saturn will be in Capricorn throughout the entire year and forming a semi-sextile aspect. Happily, however, this will have no effect.

Career, Money, and Communication:

Mercury will be passing through three signs in the first month of the year and all of these signs will have either a positive influence or at least have no negative influence. Mercury will strongly promote communication and business during January. It will form a positive sextile from 1/1 to 1/5, highly favoring intelligence. From 1/5 to 1/24, Mercury will be in the neighboring sign of Capricorn and in a neutral position, meaning you will be able to work without interruptions. And from 1/24 through the end of the month it will be in your own sign Aquarius. This is an optimal position that only happens once a year. Now is the time to really use your communicative gifts, and this is an excellent opportunity for any business-related matters. Written work and academic study will also be favored during this time. If you look for opportunity, you are sure to find it.

Love, Art, and Happy Moments:

Venus will be in the sign Sagittarius after 1/7 and in a very good position as it forms a positive sextile. You can expect a harmonious period in your love life, your family, your friendships and your career. Anything having to do with beauty and goodness will be favored during this time, as well as anything related to art. Disputes will be resolved more quickly during this time than usual, you will be more well liked, have better tact, and have frequent opportunities to meet new people. One of them might be a new love. The goddess of love will be showing one of her best sides after 1/7.

Things will be good for Aquarians.

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