Monthly Horoscope Aquarius March 2019

How do stars stand for the sign Aquarius in March 2019 in love, work, and health?

Venus spoils the Aquarius

This month Venus stands in its sign and pampers the Aquarius with cheerfulness, sympathy, and love. Also, Mars brings the Aquarians much energy, which should be restrained and appropriately used so that it does not turn into aggression.

For vitality and well-being

The sun stays in the sign of Pisces until the 20th of March and thus forms the secondary aspect of a semisextile. Therefore, no disturbances of the sun are to be expected, but also no extraordinary support. In the course of 20th March the sun will change into the sign Aries, with which now a helpful sextile is formed, and now one can reckon with soothing effects of the sun.

Now you should team up with friends, work colleagues or neighbors because now you are increasingly able to work well with people. Positive results will come. Being active and presenting yourself is the watchword. The fruits of this activity may be harvested later, but even then they will taste good.

Mars, the planet of energy keeps Taurus in the counter for the whole month, which means a square position. There is now much energy flowing into Aquarius, which must first be curbed; otherwise, they could break out in aggression. Passion is blind; one could characterize the quality of this time. So it would help if you were careful not to react too impulsively and then lose control. If you use only your elbows now to enforce your ideas, you will overwhelm the others and therefore lose sympathy. It could also be a dispute with supervisors if one acts too brisk. So it is essential to keep a sound judgment.

Lucky planet Jupiter continues to be very positive; this is why Aquarius time and again deals with lucky twists or supports. All the high ideals that Jupiter represents are now under his special protection. Now it would be vital to strive for higher education. The study of philosophy and religion will provide lasting satisfaction. The legal and medical field are also part of this, as well as the educational system.

Saturn forms the secondary aspect of the semisextile all year round, which means that it will only be weakly active, which is pleasing. Saturn always has to do with our karma, so also with our failures of the past, which are compensated in this life.


Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury is in Pisces throughout the month and will decline from March 5th, which is why caution is required in oral agreements or contracts. In the case of failing communication, things will not be clear. Hints are misunderstood, plans go awry, letters do not arrive at the right destination, the traffic is chaotic, contracts are misinterpreted, in short, many annoying inconveniences occur.

Heiterkeit, Sympathie und Liebe

However, if you are aware of it, you will undoubtedly be able to avoid some of these misconceptions, if probably not all of them. On the 28th of March, the decline ends.


Love, happy moments and art:

Venus stands by March 26th in his sign Aquarius, and that means that the goddess of love and art now spoils the Aquarians the most. You are now cheerful, inwardly resolved, sympathetic and radiates much sympathy. One tends now to socialize, to talk and tries to win far much from the pleasant sides of life. Love, marriage, family, and friendships are favored!

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