Capricorn monthly horoscope January 2019

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Capricorn in May 2019?

January - A Great Time for Business

Capricorns are going to celebrate their way into the new year, and the sun will remain in their sign through January 20th. With all the energy and the support of Mars to boot, be careful not to take things too far. The stars will be optimal for your job or career from 1/5 - 1/24.

Vitality and Well-Being:

The sun will be in your own sign Capricorn through January 20th, meaning you will have your birthday during this time - congratulations! After 1/20 the sun will then move into the neighboring sign of Aquarius, and with the sun in this optimal position forming a semi-sextile aspect, its vital energy will once again be flowing at “normal” levels.

We’ll be talking more later on about the impact of Saturn, which will be in your sign throughout the entire year. It will move through the different birthdays over time, but will continue to have a strong impact on all Capricorns.

Mars will be in the sign Aries throughout the entire month and forming a square to Capricorns. This means it will send strong energy to Capricorns, which they will need to guide into the right channels. You might tend towards angry outbursts during this time if you don’t control yourself; instead, use that energy to play sports or to finish work that requires diligence. You could tend to overwork yourself during this period, which you should also avoid to make sure your body isn’t overly strained.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, will form a semi-sextile throughout the entire year. You can expect only a low level of support from it. If you don’t see the full luck of Jupiter, you’ll at least be able to console yourself with the lesser luck of Venus, which it continues to send your way.

And Saturn, which will be in conjunction with Capricorn, will probably result in continuous delays or difficulties throughout the year. However, Saturn is the planet of Capricorns, and generally treats the sign well otherwise. In other words - your job will be to overcome these difficulties and, through overcoming, develop your personality to a higher level.

Career, Money, and Communication:

Mercury will be in a good position for Capricorns throughout the entire month, so communications will function well and this will be a good time for business transactions. The best time will be from 1/5 through 1/24, since Mercury will be in your own sign Capricorn and conditions will be optimal.

Kleines Glück kommt von Venus

For example, if you are interested in a new job, you’ll have a better chance of success. After 1/24, Mercury will be in Aquarius and forming a semi-sextile aspect. From this position, Mercury’s benefits will only be transferred to Capricorns to a limited extent. You should step on the gas in terms of your career from 1/5 - 1/24; this is an optimal period that only comes around once a year.

Love, Art, and Happy Moments:

Venus, the goddess of love, will be in a positive position through January 7th, so you can expect a harmonious period in love, art, and in terms of anything having to do with beauty. After 1/7, Venus will be in Sagittarius and these optimal conditions will be tempered somewhat. But if you make your way through this time, working on your love relationships and interest in art by visiting art and cultural events, you will enjoy the beautiful side of life!

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