Monthly Horoscope Capricorn March 2019

How do stars stand for the sign Capricorn in March 2019 in love, work, and health?

March - Mars gives much power

Mercury is in decline this month, hampering Capricorns in their communication. It is good that the sun helps with its energy to promote projects, so everything can still come to excellent results.  Until 23rd March, nevertheless, caution is needed when concluding contracts and agreements.

For vitality and well-being

The Sun until 20th March stands in Pisces, so the sextile comes out particularly pleasurable. Now there are excellent opportunities to implement one's projects successfully. Now you should take the chance and actively approach people because now they will support you too. So be active and to present yourself is the watchword now.

Merkur wird rückläufig.

The fruits of this activity may be harvested later, but even then they will taste good. In the course of 20th March, the sun will change to the sign Aries, which is why a square is now formed.

You may be experiencing a time when some people are against you, so you are disappointed. However, this is just such a situation where you should realize that we are maturing by overcoming difficulties.

The energy planet Mars stays in the related Taurus throughout the month, which is why a soothing sextile is formed here. Now the joy grows to risk and adventure; one gets more desire to work and decides courageously also to perhaps take on risky projects. There is also the desire to start something new again and even the will to enforce it. Sexual urges also awaken and demand activities.

Lucky planet Jupiter is still in the neighboring Sagittarius and is only the second aspect of a half-sextile, which is why one does not expect from him much promotion. By itself, luck will hardly fall to you. However, with conscious activities, which are still operated diligently, you will be able to count on his favor.

Saturn continues to stand in his sign Capricorn, and that means that you have to expect delays and disabilities. Not giving up is the watchword. However, that's the best way for Capricorn to avoid all signs.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury is in Pisces throughout the month and will decline from March 5th, which is why caution is required in oral agreements or contracts. In the case of failing communication, things will not be clear. Hints are misunderstood, plans go awry, letters do not arrive at the right destination, the traffic is chaotic, contracts are misinterpreted, in short, many annoying inconveniences occur.

However, if you are aware of it, you will undoubtedly be able to avoid some of these misconceptions, if probably not all of them. On the 28th of March, the decline ends.

Love, happy moments and art:

 Unfortunately, on the 1st of March, Venus her sign, Capricorn, in which she was able to convey her most beautiful gifts of love to the ibexes and now enters the sign Aquarius.

Die Sonne scheint! Chancen nutzen!

With this second aspect of the semisextile there are still beautiful times for love, marriage, and friendships, but probably not in this concentrated form as before. The semisextile requires initiative, and when it does exist, naturally, you can balance many things. Everything is possible, from the tenderest sensations to ecstatic experiences. On 26th March Venus will leave Aquarius and change into the sign Pisces, which is why with this conducive sextile present again that wonderful times are coming, in which one will feel well.

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