Monthly Horoscope Capricorn May 2019  | photo: (c) nd3000 -

Monthly Horoscope Capricorn May 2019

How do stars stand for the Zodiac sign Capricorn in May 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly Horoscope Capricorn May 2019  | photo: (c) nd3000 -

Monthly Horoscope Capricorn May 2019

How do stars stand for the Zodiac sign Capricorn in May 2019 in love, work, and health? Scroll down

Horoscope 2019 Capricorn

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Monthly Horoscope Capricorn May 2019

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Opportunities are always at hand

"Cheer up, do not give up," will be the slogan for Capricorn in May. Capricorns will have to cope with various delays and disabilities. From the middle of the month, things will change and the right time for business talks will come. Likewise, Capricorn will enjoy much in love relationships.

For vitality and well-being

The sun will stand in the related earth sign Taurus until May 21st, resulting in a favorable trigon, the sun will now send strong, vital forces to the ibex. You will feel more balanced than usual and will get new impulses and suggestions. The need for discipline and self-assertion will be active. Experience teaches that there will be few obstacles in the way, neither from people nor from general circumstances, which is why you will be able to satisfactorily implement your projects at work as well as in your free time. In May 21st the sun will then move to the Zodiac sign Gemini, and the resulting quincunx aspect will lead to favorable situations.

 Monthly Horoscope Capricorn May 2019 | photo: (c) baranq -

Energy Planet Mars will still stand in the Zodiac sign Gemini, and this will continue to mean a quincunx aspect indicating a reorientation. So if there might be an improvement in the work area or in the areas that need a lot of energy, then you could start thinking about getting started. In May 16th Mars will then change to the opposite sign Cancer, thus resulting in an opposition. You will have now to be careful not to let your strong energies coming from Mars degenerate into aggression.

Lucky planet Jupiter will still be in the neighboring Sagittarius, and this will only be the second aspect of a semi-sextile, and you will now expect much progress now. By itself, luck will hardly fall on you. But with conscious activities, which will still be operated diligently, you will be able to count on Jupiter's favor.

Saturn will continue to stand in its own sign Capricorn, and that means that you will have to expect delays and disabilities. Not giving up will be a must. But that's the best way for Capricorn to avoid all signs.
 Monthly Horoscope Capricorn May 2019 | photo: (c) nd3000 -

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will stand in Aries until May 6th and thus forming a square, reason why one has to expect disruptions in business, in financial matters as well as in the area of communication. On May 6th Mercury will move to Taurus, and we will feel much better since the trigon is favorable. Now you should be active in the areas affected by Mercury because you will most probably succeed. The time is currently favorable for business negotiations, you will be more flexible than usual, look more youthful and will show a more definite expression than usual in word and writing. This favorable situation will continue until May 21st, since then Mercury will move to the sign Gemini, forming a quincunx angle with probably no significant disturbances in the communication area.

Love, happy moments and art:

Venus will stand in Aries up to the 15th of May, resulting in a square, it may not always be as ideal in the area of love as one would imagine. But with more consideration, much will be compensated in this field. On May 15th Venus will move to the related earth sign Taurus, resulting in a favorable trigon. Times will be promising in the love area, art will also be favored as well as all other positive things in life. You should now take a lot of time to enjoy all those gifts!

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