Monthly Horoscope Leo February 2019

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Leos in February 2019?

February - A Warning from Mercury

Mercury, the planet of the year, warns Leos against mistakes in February 2019. It’s important for Leos to trust in themselves when it comes to their job, but in this case, having control would be better. The sun also encourages Leos to rest; they can tend to be workaholics, but need to get enough sleep to avoid getting a cold...

Vitality and Well-Being:

The sun will be in the sign Aquarius through February 18th and in an oppositional position. That means it’s important to take care of yourself, pay attention to your nutrition, and get enough sleep. Avoid any stressful vacations or heavy workloads; otherwise you could be liable to get a cold.

On 2/18, the sun will move into the sign Pisces through the end of the month and beyond. This means its oppositional position will be over. It will be in a quincunx aspect instead, meaning it’s a good idea to keep with your strategy of taking care of yourself - your body will thank you with good health. 

Mars, the planet of energy will be in the sign Aries through February 14th and will be sending Leos plenty of vital energy. The sun, however, requires you to protect yourself; you should use your energies in a targeted and frugal way. You’ll be able to achieve many things easily with no trouble. You will feel a desire to start something new, have the will to assert yourself, feel courageous, and be ready to take risks. You will also feel strong sexual desire; Mars is the planet which governs male sexuality, and it will be in top form with the planet forming a favorable trine aspect. On 2/14, Mars will move into the sign Taurus to form a square aspect with Leos. This means it will continue to send lots of energy, and your job is to guide it into the right channels. You could use this excess energy to express your anger, but a better idea would be to focus it on sports and athletics. However, this is truly a time to protect your body and your nerves.

Jupiter, the planet of luck will be in an outstanding position for the first 11 months of 2019, and you will enjoy success in many areas. Some of these successes will simply happen to you, but if you work hard yourself rather than just relying on luck, you will receive additional benefits.

Saturn will be in a quincunx aspect throughout all of 2019, so you should sharpen your senses and watch out for possible changes. Saturn also warns against not letting yourself be taken advantage of.

Career, money and communication:

Mercury will be in Aquarius through February 10th, and in opposition to your sign, so you should be on high alert to watch out for mistakes, lies, and misunderstandings. If you act with caution, you will be able to prevent many negative developments. If you focus on logical thinking, you will be able to see through many deceptions.

The situation will improve after 2/10 when the oppositional position is eliminated. Nevertheless, you should still use caution which, as we all know, is the mother of wisdom.

Love, art and happy moments:

Venus will be in a highly favorable position for the first three days of the month; then it will move into the sign Capricorn through the end of the month to form a quincunx aspect. Under the influence of this aspect, the goddess of love will not be able to unfold its full benefits. Personal initiative will be required in your love life and will help you compensate for the vitality you are missing from the planet. You may also need to initiate some clarifying discussions and strengthen your relationships. Understanding and tenderness can work miracles.

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