Monthly horoscope Pisces April 2019

What are the stars for Pisces in April 2019 in love, work, and health?

Mercury and Venus are in top form

April is the right month for Pisces born to start their career, Mercury provides the best opportunities of the year and the sun still gives plenty of energy. Time for contracts and deals. Even in love, Pisces will have good luck this month and can enjoy the pleasant side of life.

For vitality and well-being

The sun will reside in the neighboring Zodiac sign Aries until April 20th, which gives the side aspect of the semi-sextile, this is why the sun is expected to bring almost neutral times. In the course of April 20th  when the sun will change to Taurus, a helpful sextile will start and will be at the disposal of Pisces under the form of the energy of the sun. There will now be excellent opportunities to enforce projects. It is time soon to take the chance and actively approach people because now they will support you too. So be active and introduce yourself to others is the watchword now.  The fruits of this activity may be harvested later, but even then they will still taste good.

Energy Planet Mars will stand in Gemini all month long, giving way to a square position for Pisces. A lot of energy will now flow to Pisces, but these forces should first be restrained. Otherwise, there is a danger of giving way to aggressiveness. This strong energy flow will make you feel compelled to do a great deal, but that would be the wrong way to go because it could lead to health problems. You should instead be careful with yourself and use that force sparingly, but purposefully. Taking care of oneself and others would be the right way now.

The planet of luck, Jupiter will continue to form a square until 2 December 2019, which is why there will always be excellent chances that could be exploited. The only danger would be exaggeration and excessiveness in action. But you have to make an effort and persevere when such opportunities come, that should be remembered, so do not give up.

As for Saturn, nothing changes. It will create a helpful sextile all year round, that is, consolidation of certain tendencies, which until now were still uncertain, and that will be noticeable. It could be a work project, in which you have so far incorporated its creativity, that will get under the Saturn aspect of a definite conclusion, for example, because you will get a contract for it or because you will now be able to succeed.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will stay in its own Zodiac sign Pisces until April 17th , which is why the best opportunities of the year could arise in the jobs, finances and communication fields. Mercury will now promote business affairs, mediation, professionalism, intellect, and skills in speaking and writing. You will now be mobile, fresh; you will have opportunities to make contacts, visits, make small trips and maybe develop good ideas. It is now essential to take advantage of these good times, because after April 20th the very favorable conditions will probably slowly evaporate.

Love, happy moments and art:

Also, Venus will be in its own Zodiac sign Pisces and thus also like Mercury in the best position of the year. And that will mean that the goddess of love and art will now treat Pisces born very much. You will now be cheerful, inwardly resolved, sympathetic and will radiate sympathy. You will tend to socialize, talk and will try to win much from the pleasant sides of life. Love, marriage, family, and friendships are favored! You could fall in love again!

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