Pisces monthly horoscope January 2019

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Pisces in January 2019?

January - Promising Prospects

 Positive energy from the sun and the ability to handle hard work will ensure good results for Pisces in January. Venus is in high form, making Pisces happy.

Vitality and Well-Being:

The sun will be in Capricorn through January 20th, where it will form a positive sextile to Pisces. You can expect a boost of vitality and ambition during this time. Your physical and mental well-being will be in harmony. You will feel balanced and open to new impulses and new suggestions.

After January 20th, the sun will be moving into the neighboring sign of Aquarius. This is a neutral position for the sun, meaning that it won’t send any special support, but won’t put up any obstacles either. Instead, the sun will send an even portion of energy to Pisces.

Mars, the planet of energy, will be in the sign Aries throughout the month except for the first few days. It will also be in a neutral position forming a semi-sextile aspect. This means Pisces will be receiving Mars’s energy evenly as well.

The great planet of luck, Jupiter, will remain in Sagittarius for 11 whole months - from the start of January through December 2nd, 2019. It will be in a square position during this time, although you shouldn’t see this as a negative. On the contrary; you could enjoy outstanding opportunities. However, you can’t make the mistake of acting rashly, as Jupiter can sometimes encourage us to do; instead, stay realistic and grounded if you want to achieve your goals. Moderation is the key to this transit, whenever you see an opportunity, as are discipline and self-restraint. Should a legal dispute come up, it’s better to give in or come to a compromise during such periods.

Saturn will be in Capricorn throughout all of 2018 and forming a favorable sextile, which means you will be able to handle a much heavier workload than usual. This will help you work towards and achieve any goals you set for yourself. You’ll be able to handle work assigned to you now faithfully.

Career, Money, and Communication:

Mercury will be moving through three signs in the Zodiac during the first month of the year, so it will have a variety of different influences. Mercury will be in a square through 1/5, so you should exercise caution as you may face mistakes, lies, and misunderstandings. If you pay attention, you’ll be able to prevent any negative impacts. From 1/5 - 1/24, Mercury will provide a highly positive period when you will enjoy good communications and an conclude good business transactions. After 1/24 will be a more neutral time, when you won’t experience any special favors or specific obstacles. This means you’ll be able to work without interruption during this time.

Love, Art, and Happy Moments:

Venus, the goddess of love and art will be in an outstanding aspect during the first seven days. You can expect a harmonious period in love, friendship, family, and your marriage.

This is a good time for any social endeavors, and everything good and beautiful in life will be favored. Of course, it’s also a good time for art. Any purchases you make will be successful, and you will be satisfied with what you buy. After 1/7 Venus’s positive energy will wane somewhat, as it will be in a square. You can often feel moody during this time, or face non-aesthetic experiences. Hopefully, all this will help us appreciate Venus more when it’s back in top form!


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