Monthly horoscope Pisces March 2019

What are the stars for Pisces in March 2019 in love, work, and health?

March - Beautiful Venus Gifts

Wonderful time of love for Pisces, because  Venus holds in its sign and until March 20th as well as the sun. Best conditions for an excellent partnership or a new meeting.

For vitality and well-being

The sun keeps itself up to the 20th March in the own sign of Pisces on, which is why the Pisces in this time continue to have their birthday, to which we congratulate very warmly. According to the old astrological view, this time around birthday is always a bit of a pessimistic time, because a year cycle has been completed, - at least, one has gotten older by a year, and a new period begins, which must first be sympathized.

Moreover, one reacts with gifts, the gifts should distract from it and bring joy, and this custom has survived to this day. So, dear people, give, give, give, so that the birthday children have much fun. It will not be your damage, because you too will be rewarded! In the course of 20th March the sun will change into the next sign Aries, and now it's the turn of the Aries to be given a present


The energy planet Mars is in the neighboring Taurus until the end of the month, and with this semisextile formed his forces are more likely to flow in a moderate dose. Also, by the way, you should also consider whether you are right at the moment, to put your energy into the projects you are currently involved in, or whether it would be better to tackle new ones.

Luck planet Jupiter continues to form a square until 2nd December 2019, which is why there are always excellent chances that could be used. The only danger would be exaggeration and excessiveness in action. However, you have to make an effort and persevere when such opportunities come, that should be remembered, so do not give up.

At Saturn, nothing changes. It makes a helpful sextile all year round, that is, consolidation of certain tendencies, which until now were still uncertain, will be noticeable. Under the aurora of Saturn, a creative project could finally be successful, for example, as a result of a newly signed contract.

Profession, money, and communication:


Mercury is in Pisces throughout the month and will decline from March 5th, which is why caution is required in oral agreements or contracts. In the case of failing communication, things will not be clear. Hints are misunderstood, plans go awry, letters do not arrive at the right destination, the traffic is chaotic, contracts are misinterpreted, in short, many annoying inconveniences occur. However, if you are aware of it, you will undoubtedly be able to avoid some of these misconceptions, if probably not all of them. On the 28th of March, the decline ends.

Love, happy moments and art:


Venus is until March 26th in the sign of Aquarius, thus forming the secondary aspect of the semisextile, which is why there is no significant support, but also no harm from her.

The purpose of this time is to be active yourself because if that is the case, there will be good times for love, marriage, family, and friendships. With the initiative, you can compensate for a lot. In the course of 26th March Venus changes into the own sign of Pisces, which is why she now pampers the fish-borne most of all signs with their beneficial gifts. A delicious treat!

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