Monthly Horoscope Pisces February 2019

What do the stars have to say about love, career and health for Pisces in February 2019?

February - The Stars Have Good Things in Store

Pisces might ask themselves whether they are using their energies in the right way during this time. Mars, the planet of energy, will help ensure they do so. Despite the big questions that might come up this month, Pisces will have a great time as the sun moves into their sign, meaning they will celebrate their birthdays! Mercury will also move into your sign. This change may bring success in your job, and will boost communication in all areas of your life.

Vitality and Well-Being:

The sun  will be in the neighboring sign of Aquarius through February 18th. This semi-sextile aspect demands a certain level of personal initiative if you want to achieve excellent results, according to famous astronomer and astrologer Johannes Kepler. The sun will, however, be much more helpful as it enters your sign Pisces over the course of 2/18. Pisces will have their birthdays during this time, so we’ll congratulate you in advance! Here’s to receiving lots of great gifts! See the month February 2019 for Aquarius to find out why we give and receive birthday gifts.

Your birthday is always a good time to strike out and make a new beginning. It doesn’t really matter where you make your new start; any project you begin is very likely to come to a positive conclusion, and you will receive strong vital energy and impulses from the sun. After all, as we all know: Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Mars, the planet of energy will be in the neighboring sign of Aries through February 14th, forming another semi-sextile. Now is a good time to consider whether reorientation is necessary in any areas governed by Mars. Think about whether you are using your energy in the right ways or not. Over the course of 2/14, Mars will then move into the sign Taurus to form a beneficial sextile aspect from which the planet can send plenty of energy to Pisces. You will be much more interested in your work during this time, will have a thirst for adventure, experience strong sexual desire, and will be ready to start new projects.

Jupiter, the planet of luck will form a square aspect through 12/2/2019. Nevertheless, you will have good opportunities and should try to use them. The only danger during this time is overdoing it and becoming reckless in your actions. Nevertheless, you must work hard and endure. When you see an opportunity, don’t give up easily. 

Saturn will form a beneficial sextile throughout the entire year. Positive tendencies will solidify, and things that seemed uncertain will become clear. You might be working on a project at work, for instance, that demands your full creativity. This Saturn aspect will help deliver a positive conclusion, and could help you get an important contract or be successful in some other way.

Career, Money and Communication:

Mercury will be in the neighboring sign Aquarius through February 10th. As it forms a semi-sextile aspect, you will be successful in your career, communications, and financial areas if you work hard. Over the course of 2/10, Mercury will then move into your own sign Pisces. This means anyone born under the sign Pisces will receive the greatest gifts from the planet Mercury; your job is to use them wisely! Many things will come to you easily, but if you add your own hard work to the mix, success is sure to follow.

Love, art and happy moments:

 Venus will enter the sign Capricorn on February 3rd to form a positive sextile that means a great time for love and for friendship, marriage, art, and everything good and beautiful. If you take the time to enjoy this period, you will find great happiness.

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