Monthly Horoscope Scorpio April 2019

How do the stars stand for the sign Scorpio in April 2019 in love, work, and health?

Mercury and Venus will be working very hard

April will be the time to make improvements and changes. All efforts will be rewarded later. Venus is preparing excellent times this month for the Scorpions, and they will enjoy the period very much.

For vitality and well-being

The sun will stand in the Zodiac sign Aries until April 20th , which means a quincunx position, which always indicates a tendency to reorientation. If there were things to improve in life now, then now would be a good time to make improvements. In the course of April 20th then the sun will move to the counter-sign Taurus, which will bring now unfavorable opposition. You should now take it easy and protect your health. Healthy food would be appropriate now, enough sleep too, and strenuous vacations or work assignments should well be avoided, which will bring relaxation for body, soul, and spirit.

Energy Planet Mars will stand in the Zodiac sign Gemini all month long, meaning a quincunx aspect, and also, as for the Sun, it indicates reorientation. If improvements could be made in work or in areas that require a lot of energy, you could start thinking about getting going, because you should always use your power sensibly and effectively.

Lucky Planet Jupiter is still in Sagittarius and is therefore only a semisextile, so you have to make an effort if you want to achieve something extraordinary. With too much luck you will hardly need to count on Jupiter. This time will be very favorable for self-education. Jupiter will reward the effort later because this planet appreciates idealistic aspirations.


Saturn is in Capricorn and makes a pleasant sextile all year round, which translates to extreme resilience, which assures you will persevere and reach your set goals. Tasks transferred to you will be meticulously and satisfactorily fulfilled. If you are ready to contribute much, this transit will bring in the long run huge advantages.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will stay in the related water sign Pisces until April 17th , which means a beneficial trigon. Now the interaction works. Mercury will have a positive effect on the mental powers of Scorpios, and they will feel the same because you can express with precision in words and writing. Interpersonal relationships are now on the agenda, including visits, travel, business, and financial matters are under the auspicious star Mercury. In the course of April 17th Mercury will move to the Zodiac sign Aries, which is why you will once again deal with a quincunx aspect, which also points to a reorientation in the field of work and communication.

Love, happy moments and art:

The goddess of love and art will stand in the related water Zodiac sign Pisces until April 20th , resulting in a favorable trigon. This is a perfect time for love, for marriage, for the family, for friendships, for art and for all what is beautiful and useful. You will now have a tendency to socialize, to entertain and you will be willing to enjoy the positive side of life. After April 20th these good times will reduce a little, because of the presence of a quincunx position. In case of disputes in the love area, then you should now seek a clarifying conversation as time is now favorable. If you will have a lot of sympathy for your partner, the planet will work hard, and that's what Venus always wants - love.

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