Monthly Horoscope Scorpio February 2019

What do the stars have to say about love, career and health for Scorpios in February 2019?

February - Venus Sends Love

The first two weeks of February could be exciting, as Scorpio’s clairvoyant tendencies are awakened. In addition, the stars look good for finding a new partner, as Venus sends plenty of love to Scorpios.

Vitality and Well-Being:

The sun will be in Aquarius through February 18th, which is a square position. This position is somewhat less than favorable, and does not allow the life giving sun to deliver its energies to Scorpios as well as it otherwise could. Unfortunately, you will not feel quite as on top of things as normal and will feel the lack of this energy. You may feel you are being personally attacked, or may feel more vulnerable than normal. You will indeed be more vulnerable, as the sun is unable to transmit one hundred percent of its normal vitality.

Over the course of 2/18, the sun will move into the related water sign Pisces to form a favorable trine. Things will look very different after that. Your vitality and ambition will be reawakened. You will be better able to make decisions, act in accordance with the situation and feel the need to assert yourself.

Mars, the planet of energy will be in the sign Aries through February 14th. It will form a quincunx aspect, an interesting position from which deception may lead to inspiration or even clairvoyance. Neptune is the lord of this aspect after all, and may enable you to have the good instincts you will need to solve problems. Over the course of 2/14, Mars will move into the opposite sign Taurus. This oppositional position means the planet will be sending very strong energy, although you must guide it into the right channels. Otherwise, you may find yourself expressing aggression towards others. Don’t throw your weight around carelessly during this time, but instead practice tolerance.

Jupiter, the planet of luck will be forming a semi-sextile aspect through 12/2/19, which will affect you like a quincunx. This time will be a period to focus on reorientation. It will be an outstanding time for continued education, and might be the right time to become an expert in your field. Jupiter is certain to reward your efforts later on, as the planet values idealism.

Saturn will form a positive sextile aspect throughout the entire year. This means it will reward the work you do during this time as well.

Career, money and communication:

Mercury will be forming a square through February 10th. You could face difficulties in communication during this time in the form of misunderstandings, mistakes or even lies, so use caution. Over the course of 2/10, Mercury will then move into the related water sign Pisces where it will remain through the end of the month. From this position it will form a beneficial trine that will once again favor your communications.

Einfach genießen

You will find it much easier to formulate your good ideas. This is also once again a good time for business negotiations and intellectual study.

Love, Art and Happy Moments:

The goddess of love will move into the sign Capricorn on the evening of February 3rd, where it will form a favorable sextile to Scorpio. Harmonious days are on the horizon. You will feel drawn more strongly to your loved ones, will be well liked by others, have good tact, be able to avoid disputes, and will continuously have opportunities to meet new people. One of them might even be a new love.

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