Taurus monthly horoscope January 2019

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Taurus in January 2019?

January - Starting the New Year with Optimism

Taurus will start the new year with health and success. The sun will send health and vitality, as Mercury provides the ambition you need to get ahead in your career. New love will take some time this month, however. Be patient, dear Taurus!

Vitality and Well-Being:

The sun will be in Capricorn throughout the first two thirds of the month, forming a positive trine to Taurus. This aspect will bring health and success. You will feel especially vital and be able to deliver great results. Physically, you will feel great and will be highly satisfied with your mental state as well. Afterwards the sun will form a square, so you may face disadvantages or difficulties. It might be better to put off any truly important decisions until February 18th.

Mars will be in the neighboring sign Aries, forming a semi-sextile aspect. This is considered insignificant in astrological interpretation. You might say that Mars and its energies will be discreet during this time, even though the planet will not stop impacting your life.

Time for Education

Jupiter will be in the sign Sagittarius throughout all of 2019 and forming a quincunx aspect. This means this is a time for continued training, whether in your career or in a more general sense as you gain interest in higher education.

Die Zeit für Weiterbildung ist günstig

After all, everything around us is ephemeral, but education remains stored in our souls forever. It will even remain with us once we have moved into the next realm of life.

Saturn will be in Capricorn and forming a positive trine to Taurus throughout the entire year. This will allow it to have a stabilizing effect on all areas of your life. Any projects you start now will go well over the long term. You’ll be able to complete your work more diligently than normal during this time. Now is the time for your best results with real estate and anything to do with properties. In general, anyone who works hard now is sure to reap a plentiful harvest later on.

Career, Money, and Communication:

Mercury will be moving out of Sagittarius, where it will be at the beginning, into Capricorn in the first month of the year. Finally, it will move into Aquarius and will generally be sending a positive influence your way. As the planets move through different houses, they take on the qualities that reign in each one of them; this applies to Mercury as well. Sagittarius will give Mercury its idealistic bent - including in terms of communication - while Capricorn gives it a touch of ambition and a focus on money, and Aquarius increases the importance of social aspects and friendships. If you do experience any difficulties in your career, Saturn will help encourage you to keep your head up.

Love, Art, and Happy Moments:

The goddess of love will start off the month in an oppositional position as it stays in the sign Scorpio. Scorpio, after all, is ruled by Pluto the powerful - when the planet doesn’t get its way, it tends to turn towards harsher tactics.

Venus verführt zu Ausgaben

This might be a time of discord if everyone is trying to stubbornly push their point of view at once. This is the time to show tact in your relationships, which will help you avoid minor annoyances. Since Venus always has something to do with money, you will tend towards wastefulness and unnecessary purchases during this time. It would be good to keep an eye on this issue. Venus also rules over aesthetics; if you purchase things unthinkingly, you might end up with something you don’t like or that doesn’t fit you at the end of the day. However, this period will be over after 1/7.

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