Monthly Horoscope Aquarius April 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aquarius in April 2018?

April – Enjoying the gentle spring air

The sun will remain in the sign Aries and thus in a highly positive sextile position, so you can continue to expect encouragement and vitality from the sun which will make you feel more dynamic and self-confident. You’ll generally feel physically fit, be ready to get things done, and you’ll be able to make the right choices about the important decisions you face. Other people will find your self-confidence impressive. This positive period for the sun will last through April 20th, after which it will enter the sign Taurus to form a square. That means you might have to deal with certain challenges after that date.

Be Careful of Mistakes

Mercury will still be in a good sextile position even though it will be in retrograde. As we’ve seen in the past, you should expect mistakes and misunderstandings during this time. You’ll need to work carefully and concentrate to ensure you don’t make any errors. Be very careful in any business negotiations or when concluding any contracts to make sure someone doesn’t try and pull the wool over your eyes. It might be a better idea to delay these altogether as Mercury ends its retrograde position on April 15th. Normal conditions will return once again after this time.

Less than Optimal Time for Love

Venus will still be in Taurus and in a square position, so affairs of the heart might be less than optimal during this time. Lacking the planet’s positive influence, you’ll be much less attractive to others than you otherwise would be. However, you might not notice this change yourself, and you might still imagine yourself a great lover. If you can work on developing your tact, you’ll notice the change. However, the goddess of love can give Aquarians its positive influence once again after April 24th, when a beautiful, harmonious, and spring-like season will start in your love life.

All the Energy You Need

Mars will remain in the sign Capricorn throughout the entire month and will form a semi-sextile. You can expect plenty of energy from the planet to help you handle your normal everyday life. Of course, if you’re planning to run a marathon you probably can’t expect to run a record time.

Maintaining a Healthy Balance

Jupiter, the planet of happiness, will be forming a square with Aquarius through November 8th.

That means that you’ll be able to achieve outstanding results during this time despite the square if you don’t make the mistake of losing your balance. Don’t get overconfident - Jupiter pushes us in that direction. Balance will be the watchword during this transit, if you see a good opportunity. Disciplined action and self-control are also important. If you keep everything under control, you’ll have major opportunities for growth during this time. Should a legal dispute come up, now is the time to compromise or just give in.

Saturn is merciful

Saturn will be merciful throughout the year, forming a semi-sextile which means it will have only a weak influence. Saturn does have to do with karma after all. Even if it’s forming a positive angle, you should expect it to remind you of past errors nevertheless – ones you might be making again this year from time to time, or


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