Aquarius March 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aquarius in March 2018?


March – Mercury Warns of Errors

The sun will be moving through Pisces, forming a secondary semi-sextile aspect - that means you can expect relatively calm energy from the sun. As the sun enters the sign Pisces it will once again create a favorable sextile. You’ll feel a stronger boost of vital energy from the sun, which will help you feel dynamic and energized once again. All doors will be open to any initiatives you choose to start. You’ll definitely feel like getting to work - and you should make sure and take advantage of the positive opportunities that often open up in such periods.

Mercury in Retrograde   

Mercury will still be in Pisces and therefore in a semi-sextile aspect, so you’ll have a calmer period when it comes to your career and communications. However, this will change on March 6th as Mercury enters Aries to form a favorable sextile. This will be a good time for business endeavors, and you should try and use it as best you can. There will be just a bit of bad news after March 23rd as Mercury goes into retrograde, posing the danger of misunderstandings, errors, or even lies. You should be cautious especially in contract negotiations, since Mercury - normally the god of businessmen - can quickly turn into the prince of thieves.

Intense Time for Love

Venus will follow the path of the other two celestial bodies we’ve already discussed. It will also still be in Pisces at the start of the month, so you should expect a calmer period in your love life.


This doesn’t apply if you’re in a new relationship, of course - it will probably still be turbulent. Venus will then be in Aries starting on March 6th, from where it can have a more intense effect. Love and beauty will once again be taking precedence in Aquarians’ lives. As will art, artistic experiences, and artistic work.

Energy Supply Throttled

Mars will continue to remain in Sagittarius, meaning it will continue to provide balanced energy. It will then enter Capricorn starting on March 17th to form a semi-sextile. This will throttle the energy supply somewhat, but still leave it sufficient to help you easily complete any daily task that takes a lot of effort. Don’t make any excuses about feeling too weak - we don’t believe them!

Self Control Leads to Success

Jupiter, the planet of happiness, will be forming a square with Aquarius through November 8th. That means that you’ll be able to achieve outstanding results during this time despite the square if you don’t make the mistake of losing your balance. Don’t get overconfident - Jupiter pushes us in that direction. Balance will be the watchword during this transit, if you see a good opportunity. Disciplined action and self-control are also important. If you keep everything under control, you’ll have major opportunities for growth during this time. Should a legal dispute come up, now is the time to compromise or just give in.

Saturn will be merciful throughout the year, forming a semi-sextile which means it will have only a weak influence. Saturn does have to do with karma after all. Even if it’s forming a positive angle, you should expect it to remind you of past errors nevertheless – ones you might be making again this year from time to time, or even avoiding altogether.

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