Monthly Horoscope Aries June 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aries in June 2018?

 June – A little bit of everything

The sun will continue to form a sextile for Aries through June 21st. That means good times will continue for you. You’ll make the right decisions during this time and find plenty of support. The sun will continue to deliver Aries plenty of the good things in life. Although you might want all this to go on forever, as we all know life is a constant process of change. Unfortunately, even happy days must have their end. On June 22nd the sun will then leave Gemini to move to Cancer, where it will stay through July 22nd. Aries might face certain difficulties from this square position. You have to handle these, or at least face them head-on.

Practicing Tolerance

Mercury will be following almost the same path as the sun. It will also still be in Gemini at the start of the year and in high form. Aries will feel these benefits in their communication and will feel like they’re in great shape intellectually as well. That state will last through June 13th. Afterwards, Mercury will form a square. You won’t run into any obstacles mentally, but it is possible your more egoistic impulses could take over. Just remember that you’re not the only one with an opinion, and make sure to respect those around you. This is a good time to practice tolerance.

Venus Withdraws

Venus is already in a square position and will stay there through June 13th. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see trouble in your love life. Quite the contrary - true love will be able to weather the storm. However, some areas related to beauty, for which Venus is also responsible, might grow dimmer. For example, you might be served bad food during this time. This could be at home – which is more forgivable – or when you’re eating out. Or you might be highly disappointed by a movie after you went to the theater just to see it. Or by a book, or a play. Oh well, that’s just how things are when Venus is in a square.

Not to fear: on the last day of the month things are going to start looking up.

Aries are Feeling Fit

Mars will still be in Aquarius, forming a sextile, so Aries will be feeling extremely fit. You’ll have all the energy you need. You’ll finish your work in a flash.

Jupiter will remain in Scorpio through November 8th, creating a quincunx aspect that generally signifies another realignment. You’ll probably know whether this applies to you or not. If it does, then this is the time to get active in this area of your life. And since you have almost a whole year to do that, you could definitely have some success in restarting certain areas of your life.

Saturn Brings Challenges

Saturn will be forming a square throughout the entire year, meaning you should expect challenges and difficulties that could affect every area of your life. After all, Saturn is the planet of fate. It doesn’t forget anything but instead gives us exactly what we deserve for anything we’ve done in past lives. Things will get tough now and then, and you might feel like time’s just dragging on. This is the time to learn patience.

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