Monthly horoscope Libra September 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Libra in April 2018?


September – Probably your Best Month

As long as the sun is in the neighboring sign of Virgo, it will form a secondary semi-sextile aspect. That means the sun’s energy will be balanced and not so strong that you can’t handle it. However, it will strengthen as the sun enters your own sign Libra, as it will do on September 23rd. Libras have their birthdays during this time, so congratulations! You’ll be in the center of the action now. It’s the start of a new year for Libras. Now is also a very favorable time for making plans. This is the perfect time for a new beginning, and every project you start now is very likely to come to a positive conclusion with the support of the sun and its vital energy.

A Journey Through Three Signs  

Mercury will be making a journey through three signs this month. It will start off in Leo, a very favorable position for Libras as this will stimulate their mental powers; afterwards it will move into Virgo on September 6th, meaning you’re likely to see a calmer period in your business endeavors. On September 22nd it will then enter your own sign, Libra, which means this will be the high point of the year in terms of career and communication.

Now is a great time for any business transactions or written work, and you’ll be able to achieve great results if you work hard.

A Passionate Time for Love

Venus is still in an excellent position for Libras, creating a harmonious time for love, marriage, family, friendships, art and crafts, and ultimately for everything good and beautiful in the world. Make sure you use this great time - after all, nothing is eternal! After Venus enters your neighboring sign Scorpio on September 9th, your harmonious high point is likely to subside. However, its position in Scorpio will stimulate your passions. Nevertheless, this does also pose some potential for conflicts - just so you know.

Excessive Energy    

Mars will begin in a square position, so you will need to handle its excessive energies carefully so you don’t become aggressive.

Moderate athletic activity is still a great way to do so. At least make sure you take plenty of walks in the fresh air and take care of your body to keep everything balanced. Don’t overdo it, otherwise you could damage your health or exacerbate any problems you already have. After September 11th this square position will be over as Mars enters the sign Aquarius to form a very positive trine. Libras will once again enjoy its positive power and energy. You’re sure to feel a new burst of momentum.

Lack of Support from Jupiter Continues    

Jupiter, the famous planet of luck, will be in Scorpio through November 8th. As this is Libra’s neighboring sign, it will form a secondary semi-sextile aspect and will likely deliver very little support to you. It won’t come back until after November 8th. But who knows: it might send Libras a few gifts along the way ...

A Year in a Square Aspect  

Saturn will be forming a square throughout the entire year, meaning you should expect challenges and difficulties that could affect every area of your life. After all, Saturn is the planet of luck. It doesn’t forget anything, but instead gives us exactly what we deserve for anything we’ve done in past lives. Things will get tough now and then, and you might feel like time’s just dragging on. This is the time to learn patience.

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