Monthly horoscope Sagittarius July 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Sagittarius in July 2018?


July – Plenty of Energy and Joy

The sun will remain in the sign Cancer through July 22nd to form a quincunx aspect. Sagittarians should think about how they can improve their lives, should they see any areas that need improvement. When the sun moves into the sign Leo on the evening of July 22nd to form a favorable trine, you will receive strong positive energies from the sun once again that will have you feeling confident and dynamic. You will work harder to achieve your goals, your mind will be sharper, your judgment will be better, and your physical condition will generally be good.

Favorable Mercury Trine

Mercury will be in Leo throughout the month and forming a favorable trine, so everything should go very well in terms of your career and any communications. You will see plenty of success in your business endeavors, making written work that usually seems difficult much easier and allowing you to get your ideas down on paper much quicker. If you’ve learned to live by the stars, you’ll know to use this time to the fullest and step on the gas - after all, more difficult times will be on the way soon. They could start as early as July 26th when Mercury enters retrograde once again. You can expect to face more misunderstandings, errors and even lies during this time. Use extra caution. Intrigues might also come about.

Gifts of Loving-Kindness

Venus will continue to treat Sagittarians to its wonderful gifts of loving-kindness, friendliness, and sympathy.

These gifts, in turn, make us more loving and make us more attractive to others, which helps us win them over to our ideas.

After all, you can’t win anyone over if you’re gruff and angry all the time - except maybe masochists. After July 10th, however, Venus will stop showing your sign so much special attention as it moves into Virgo and forms a square. This means you will be more likely to see life’s less aesthetic side during this time.

Plenty of Energy and Power Mars

Mars will continue to remain in Aquarius throughout the entire month. This position is certainly OK, as the planet will be able to send plenty of energy and power to Sagittarians. They can use all that energy and power to their advantage in both their jobs and private lives. This is a great time for any athletic endeavors, of course, since you’ll have the energy and endurance to master them.

Waiting on Jupiter’s Blessings ...

Jupiter, the planet of luck, will be in Scorpio through November 8th. This means it will form a secondary aspect of a semi-sextile for Sagittarians so you shouldn’t expect much support from it now. This will definitely be the case after November 8th, when Jupiter enters Sagittarius. This only happens once every 12 years. But who knows: it might send Sagittarians a few gifts along the way during this time ...

Saturn Forms a Semi-Sextile

Saturn will also form a semi-sextile for Sagittarius throughout the entirety of 2018, meaning it will only have a weak effect. That’s good news. Saturn does have to do with karma after all. Even if it’s forming a positive angle, you should expect it to remind you of past errors – ones you might be making again from time to time.

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