Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius June 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Sagittarius in June 2018?

June – Venus is gracious once again

The sun will remain in opposition in the sign Gemini through June 21st, which could continue to result in unfavorable circumstances. This transit will test your self-worth often, helping you think about whether you’ve worked hard enough in the past. If you have, you’ll be able to conclude your projects successfully. If not, you might be disappointed. You might also be left in the lurch by someone important to you during this time. These are just the kinds of things that happen during an oppositional position like this one. It will end on June 21st, as we’ve mentioned, after which things will get better over time.

Career Stabilizes After the Middle of the Month

Mercury will also be in an oppositional position through June 12th, so you should continue to expect mistakes and misunderstandings in your career and professional life. This is not a good time for intellectual work, since your ideas won’t flow as freely as they will during other times. You’ll have to sit in front of an empty page for quite some time before you think of what to write on it. After June 12th Mercury will leave its oppositional position and things will become much more normal. From its quincunx aspect, it will be encouraging Sagittarians once again to consider whether everything’s going well in their professional careers.

A Good Time for Love

Venus has already improved its position, and you will slowly begin to feel its positive benefits once more over time. Things will get even better after June 13th as it moves into your related fire sign of Leo to form a highly favorable trine. This will have a very beneficial effect on your love life, family life, and friendships, as well as on art, handiwork, and everything beautiful that falls under the purview of the goddess of love. Sagittarians can expect lots of blessings from Venus!

Mars will be in Aquarius throughout the entire month, so it will be delivering all of its positive energies to Sagittarians.

Happy family time

You’ll enjoy your work, have a strong will, and plenty of courage to take risks. More entrepreneurial Sagittarians will be thinking about starting a new business. Last but not least, you’ll have much more interest in sex during this time.

Jupiter Makes Itself Known

Jupiter, the planet of happiness, will be in Scorpio through November 8th. This means it will form a secondary aspect of a semi-sextile for Sagittarians so you shouldn’t expect much support from it now. This will definitely be the case after November 8th, when Jupiter enters Sagittarius. This only happens once every 12 years. But who knows: it might send Sagittarians a few gifts along the way during this time ...

Saturn will also form a semi-sextile for Sagittarius throughout the entirety of 2018, meaning it will only have a weak effect. That’s good news. Saturn does have to do with karma after all. Even if it’s forming a positive angle, you should expect it to remind you of past errors – ones you might be making again from time to time.

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