Monthly Horoscope Taurus April 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Taurus in January 2018?

 April – Plenty of Energy and Love

The sun will be in Aries after the start of the month, where it will remain through April 19th. Afterwards it will be moving into Taurus. This is why Taureans have their birthdays during this time, and they’re known to enjoy a good party now and then. The sun will be sending Taureans all kinds of energy and vitality during this time, which they should use to make some plans for the coming year.

Optimal Communication

Mercury will be moving into your sign on April 1st, which means this is an optimal time for communication and in your professional life. You’ll enjoy a clear mind, good timing, feel flexible, and be able to express yourself very well in writing and speech. You’ll be talking on the phone a lot, partially because others will involve you in their own communications, write a lot, and be very aware of your own thoughts. This will last through April 20th, after which Mercury will move into Aries. This will end the period of optimal communication, and return everyday life to normal. There’s one more thing to take into consideration. Mercury will be in retrograde after April 21st, so you should use the greatest possible caution in all your contracts and negotiations. The god of merchants might turn into a prince of thieves.

A Good Time for Love

Venus will remain in your sign, Taurus, throughout most of April. That means this will be a great time for love. Harmonious days are on the horizon. You’ll feel drawn more strongly to your loved ones, you’ll be more likable, have better tact, avoid disputes and arguments, and get all kinds of opportunities to meet new people - possibly even a new love.

Boost of energy from Mars

Mars will also be in your sign for the majority of the month, which will mean an astounding boost of energy. This is the time to get active and do great things as quickly as possible, since Mars is so impatient. You’ll have a strong will, will feel on top of your game physically, and will be able to perform much better than usual.

However, you should make sure not to act too brashly or aggressively. Don’t blow up at little disputes, and don’t worry if people have differing opinions than you. This could lead to unnecessary conflict. The name of the game now is to keep your excess energies in check and use them in a smart way to achieve the best results during this time.

Jupiter, which is associated with growth and expansion, could continue to bring new opportunities in all areas of your life. But since it’s in opposition, you should make sure you’re not overestimating your ability to capitalize on them. It’s extremely important now to carefully weigh these opportunities, considering them critically and realistically. Otherwise you might really overdo it.

Saturn will continue to have a stabilizing effect on Taureans. Whoever works hard now will reap the rewards later. During this time, you might face so many obligations you really don’t know how you’ll handle them all. Unfortunately, that’s just how Saturn is. It’s all about obligations. And that’s Saturn’s good side!


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