Monthy horoscope Virgo July 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Virgo in July 2018?


July – A High Point for Love

The sun will still be in a very positive position, so you will continue to receive plenty of vital energy from it as well as personal initiative. You will be better able to make decisions, behave appropriately in any situation, and you’ll feel an urge to assert yourself and get your point across. After July 22nd it will leave the sign Cancer to enter the neighboring sign Leo. The semi-sextile it will form will reduce the support you receive from the sun. You’ll need to take even more initiative and work much more diligently to achieve good results.

Mercury will be in the neighboring sign Leo to form a secondary semi-sextile aspect, meaning Mercury won’t be providing much support and you’ll need to work harder to get good results in your career. Positive opportunities won’t simply fall in your lap during this time; instead, you’ll need to help yourself. Mercury will then be in retrograde after the 26th, meaning Mercury - the god of merchants - could turn into the god of thieves. That means more errors could occur during this time than usual, or you might even be lied to. You should be very cautious with contracts and agreements to ensure you don’t make any mistakes.

Great Time for Love

Venus will still be in Leo, which isn’t bad. This is a good time to practice saying “I love you.” Virgos are likely to see the high point of the year in terms of love very soon, after Venus enters Virgo on July 10th. After that, Venus will be showering more of its gifts on Virgos than on any other sign, making this the perfect time for passion and everything that goes with it.

You might meet your life partner during this time, and this would also be a good time to marry. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy this great period.

Use your Energy Wisely

Mars will remain in Aquarius throughout the whole month. Just in case you haven’t gotten the hang of it yet, make sure you don’t waste the energy the planet sends, but instead use it wisely. This is still a good time to consider whether you should turn your focus elsewhere.

Jupiter will be in a very favorable position for Virgos through November 8th, forming a sextile with your sign. Things in your life will reach a good flow. Sometimes you really can make progress without too much effort. However, in the long term it’s better to utilize all the skills you possess. Your relationships with other people will generally be good, even with people who have some influence and could help you out during this time. As for you, you’ll be radiating lots of enthusiasm and optimism, which is contagious. Keeping the peace is also very important now, and this is a favorable time for your finances.

Saturn will be in Capricorn throughout the year, forming a positive trine. That means it will have a stabilizing effect on Virgos’ lives during this time. However, since Saturn is associated with negative karma, we might not always be confronted with the things we need to hear. Any projects you start now will go well over the long term. Now is the time for your best results with real estate and anything to do with properties. If you work hard now, you’re certain to reap the rewards – just maybe not right away.

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