Aries Ascendant

The Assertive and Energetic Warrior
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Aries Ascendant
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To fully understand Aries Ascendant people, one needs to look deep into the Zodiac sign of Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars , known as Ares in Greek mythology - the greatest god of war. Ares was a violent god who loved bloodshed, and conquered what needed conquering. He was passionately loved by Aphrodite (Venus), the goddess of love, with whom he had an affair. Aries energy is exceptionally masculine, with high levels of testosterone in the air - Aries likes to be "the man" in charge of any situation. He does not appreciate being told what to do, or imprisoned in any way physically, mentally or emotionally.

Aries Ascendant Motto and Looks


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac - he is the baby of the Zodiac. His motto , as he is a masculine sign, is "Me, me, me! " It is all about himself. Aries is a masculine Cardinal, Fire sign. This means he is an initiator who likes starting projects, being in charge, and making things happen. Aries Ascendant also indicates breaking away and apart from things, hence his fierce need for independence . He can also, surprisingly, be very emotional at times.

Since Ascendants indicate how others see people, An Aries Ascendant will always come across as fiery, independent and competitive. They will often have tan skin and long hair (with hints of red in it) with bounds of energy to them. They like wearing the colors of fire - reds, oranges, yellows, blues and purples. They like getting noticed and crave attention. They give off a lot of raw, animalistic energy that is very appealing to those attracted to them. Their desires must be met, and for this they can come across as narcissistic at times.

Aries Ascendant Qualities - The Good

Aries Ascendant people know who they are at an instinctual level, therefore, eliminating the personal need to practice indecision and long decision-making - when they know, they know. The new and uncharted is particularly appealing to them. They embody a great thirst for discovery and adventure , and are not easily scared of change.  With confidence and spontaneity, they can influence other people and help ignite passion in them. As long as they leave competition out the door, they can be perfect business partners or positive allies in joint ventures . However, they are naturally competitive at all times, wanting to be the best. 


People who have an Aries Ascendant, or Aries Rising, are instinctually wired to care about, and be involved in social issues, justice in the name of others, and equality - always seeking balance at a core level.  A true friend and confidant, they gather the necessary fuel to feel positive by chasing the newness of life, communicating about opportunistic outcomes, passing around fresh ideas, and participating in extroverted activities. You always get honesty from them , as they don't beat around the bush, and call out things for what they are.

Aries Ascendant Qualities - The Bad

Aries AC people can appear cruel, insensitive, and at times, downright selfish . There is a fundamental need to put the self first for survival at an instinctual level. However, it doesn't last long, once they realize someone else may have more needs than they do. However, once survival has been threatened, anger and confrontation are bound to ensue. Not everyone can cope with their open tone, which can be exceedingly hurtful at times. If they see themselves and their goals endangered, their limitless energy can also express aggressiveness and distrust. They can lose their temper easily, however, once they unleash their fury, they let things go and don't usually hold a grudge.  

Aries Descendant - Libra


The Descendant  of the Aries Ascendant is their opposite on the Zodiac Wheel - Libra . Aries Ascendant people will pay more attention to the needs of others, giving when they see there is a severe need. The Libra scales are the polarity point of Aries, and when things get off balance, its energy comes to offer harmony, where there might be disproportion, or peace, where there is constant anger. 

Aries Ascendant Positive Traits

Aries Ascendants are energetic, passionate, optimistic, bold, fearless, stable, generous, spirited, idealistic, assertive, courageous, full of zest for action and lust for life and adventure , as well as going to war for what they believe in .

Aries Ascendant Negative Traits

They tend to be angry, defiant, resentful, overly impulsive, quarrelsome, destructive, headstrong, pushy, aggressive, risk taking without too much thought, competitive, selfish , and reckless .


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