Aquarius Ascendant

The Soul That Needs to Elevate Life
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Aquarius Ascendant
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Those with an Aquarius Ascendant can be idealistic in their thought processes. There's a way things should be and shouldn't be. Why isn't the world fair and equal? Nevertheless, they develop many ideas to participate actively and shape their environment because they instinctively know that nothing is worse than stagnation. They intrinsically need to elevate everything and make it better, often making them the best scientists and tech people in the world. 

They draw the attention of others through their creative and intelligent spirit but aren't likely to enjoy the limelight. They don't consistently implement their ideas because they don't enjoy being the main focus of attention. 


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, also known as the god Ouranos, in Greek mythology. Ouranos was the original great father of the sky who mated with Mother Earth, Gaia, to give rise to the Titans and future gods. Aquarius Ascendants are related to electric shock waves in the air. 

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign.

Aquarius Ascendant Motto and Looks

Aquarius Ascendant people attach great importance to individuality and free self-development . They don't want to be subordinate to the masses and don't want to adhere to rigid and often outdated rules. Submitting to others contradicts their self-confidence, which is why they often feel like outsiders of society and watch people from a distance. At the same time, they love and covet their independence and flexibility.

Their motto is "I elevate," meaning they have such high ideals that they make anything and everything greater than it is. They implement plans and make projects shine. They truly have the highest of ideals.

They are often very tall, with dark or light hair and blue or green eyes. They can have very sculpted features, making them very handsome or beautiful. They don't put on weight easily, as food is never really the center of their universe. They dress eccentrically in purples, pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and oranges. 


Aquarius Ascendant Qualities - The Good

These people thiink at an accelerated speed, they are masters of technology and can create the most amazing startups. They also attract many friends and are well-liked. Both Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres are Aquarians who are incredibly loved for all their humanitarian work. 

Aquarius Ascendant Qualities - The Bad

People with an Aquarius AC can be very critical, judgmental, and stubborn, choosing to see things only their way. Certain individuals with this AC have no pity for people struggling with emotional issues and won't want anything to do with them. They have their own problems, so they must fix it! 

It is difficult for Aquarius Ascendants to commit themselves wholeheartedly to someone who doesn't "get them" in relationships. However, if you let Aquarius Ascendant people enjoy their emotional, physical, and psychological freedom, they can be loyal and loving partners. Keep in mind, though, that they are the most emotionally detached of all the Zodiac signs.
They are friendly and open-minded but can be unattached when dealing with others. The fear of losing their individuality and independence is always at the root of their decisions. If they think they are overly committed to anything, from events to people, they quickly feel threatened and withdraw. 


Aquarius Ascendant Positive Traits

Energetic, determined, self-reliant, free, independent, unconventional, progressive , enthusiastic, creative, humane, idealistic, intuitive, witty, original, free-spirited, innovative, creative, individual, flexible

Aquarius Ascendant Negative Traits

They tend towards being unsteady, aimless, neurotic, dissolute, extravagant, negatively eccentric (in society's eyes), vicious,  faithless, stubborn, shaky, confused, rebellious , and immoral .

Famous Aquarius Ascendant Celebrities

The list of famous Aquarius Risings includes the brilliant actor Christoph Waltz , Michael C. Hall (who famously played Dexter, a serial killer with no feelings or emotions), Superman actor Henry Cavill, the very beautiful actress Zendaya and multi-Grammy award-winning singer Christina Aguilera.


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